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The znorkle tooth, also spelled snorkle tooth, is an enemy in Jak II. It is one of the very first enemies Jak encounters, first seen in the mission "Retrieve banner from Dead Town". They were again seen at the pumping station in both the missions "Find pumping station valve" and "Protect Sig at the pumping station" and again made an appearance in the Haven sewers during the missions "Destroy turrets in sewers" and "Drain sewers to find statue".


Znorkle tooth concept art

Concept art of the znorkle tooth.

The znorkle tooth is a quadruped amphibian creature,[1] dwelling in both water and land, closely resembling a small, fish-like, scaleless crocodile. They have an orange complexion with a light orange underbelly, whose color scheme is similar to that of an ottsel. It has a large, paddle-like tail with fins on both top and bottom. It walks on four legs ending with webbed feet, with a large dorsal fin on its back, a muzzle with sharp haphazard-placed teeth, and two relatively large eyes. It shares many features with glubs, fodders, spiny toad hounds and sewer frogs. This may be due to them being a related group of species akin to Metal Heads, and Lurkers.

Znorkle tooths are usually found in company of other creatures such as glubs, manic heads, and juice goons, though some were also seen swimming around in sewerage, pumping station lakes, and presumably the Dead Town waters as well.


The znorkle tooth begins with a lunging bite attack. If it is attacked, it will retaliate from a distance using its large protrusible tongue. In some missions, they will ambush from the water, though in most cases are easily knocked back into the water with the Morph Gun. It can be outrun with relative ease and the tongue counterattack is also avoidable by running away from its line-of-sight.

It is recommended to use the Blaster when at long range, or a quick melee-Scatter Gun combo at short range.


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