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Hey, Gordy! Duh, I think we gots visitors!

— Willard, The Precursor Legacy

Willard is one of the two miners of Volcanic Crater in The Precursor Legacy. Willard worked with Gordy in mining a gigantic diamond that would take twelve years, with one worker, to get out. Daxter asked if they had any power cells. Willard tells them that they found four while digging, but Gordy insisted that they would have to pay them ninety precursor orbs for each. Jak brought them four sets of ninety orbs and received the power cells in return.

Willard is fairly thin and tall, with a bird cage on his shallow, flat head (to show him as a 'bird brain', although canaries also have a functional use for miners). He has explosives on his back and carries a shovel. In personality and appearance, he is the opposite of Gordy. Willard was supposedly a complete idiot, therefore hated by the short-tempered Gordy; he does not seem to understand math or anything else. Despite this however, he does give Jak and Daxter a hint about where to find the yellow vent switch in Snowy Mountain.

Characters in the Jak and Daxter series

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