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The Widow mech, also known as the spider mech, was a powerful mech used by Baron Praxis to fight Jak and steal the Precursor Stone inside the Tomb of Mar, in the "Defeat Baron in Mar's tomb" mission during Jak II. Much like the earlier "Defeat Baron at palace" mission he managed to avoid death by using an escape pod.


Defeat Baron in Mar's tomb screen

The widow mech in action.

After completing the two "Pass the first test of manhood" and "Pass the second test of manhood" trials in the Tomb, Jak finally managed to enter the inner chamber and take the Precursor Stone. It was then, after the statue was mostly done talking, that Praxis made his entrance (likely having forced his way inside) with his new Widow mech. A battle ensued, where Jak attempted to stop the Baron from removing the Stone from the statue, until he managed to do so, where after it turned into a desperate fight to stop the mech itself. Jak succeeded in doing so, but in the end failed either way as the Baron made it off with the Stone still attached to his escape pod.


Widow mech concept art

Concept art.

The Widow mech has the same base design as the Squid mech, it uses mostly the same cockpit (with the same escape pod) and also has the same set of twin-cannons on each side of the machine. New this time are the six robot legs on the bottom of the cockpit, the front two actually being sturdy drills as well as functioning as claws. On the back near the top of the cockpit are two obvious bomb and spydroid bays. Lastly it also has an unseen booster engine on the bottom, with which it can fly and hover in the air.

Interesting is the slot on the front of the machine in which the Stone fits, making it apparent it was in fact built to use the Stone for its own ends.


Widow mech bomb

A bomb, about to explode

Not as maneuverable and mobile as the squid mech (although it remains fast, thanks to the anti-gravity engine), but much sturdier and well-armored. The two drills are not actually used in combat, but were capable of prying the Stone loose from the statue. The twin cannons have remained the same more or less, firing straight-ahead only, although they appear to have packed more of a punch this time as they could rip through several old stone pillars. The bays on top of the machine are actually an impossible feature, as they contain a ridiculous amount of bombs and spydroids, much more than bays of that size should have been able to contain.

As mentioned earlier, it had a unique slot on the front for the Stone, with which it could fire an incredibly powerful short-range green electric blast which obliterated entire sections of the massive stone bridge surrounding the statue. This attack was in fact similar, if not identical, as to the blast fired by Mar's gun.