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The Water Slums was a district in Haven City during Jak II. It is an extension of the Slums district, and is architecturally the same, with decrepit huts, poorly built and undeveloped bridges, and evident disregard. Different from the rest of the Slums however, it consists of a large body of water (opposed to solid ground). It is traversed by squalid and poorly-constructed wooden walkways. Points of interest here include the entrance to the pumping station, the oracle's hut, and the lurker merchant Brutter's hut.[1]


Jak IIEdit

During Jak II, the Water Slums were primarily used to access the pumping station in the northern airlock. However, a few other missions were held here such as the five "Go to the oracle" options, and the "Get seal piece at Water Slums" mission, the former of which Jak used to gain dark powers, and the latter of which entailed a massive deployment of guards from dropships, during which the waters were guarded by a robot guard (the only time the drone was ever seen inside the city walls).

Jak 3Edit

Sometime after Jak II and before the War for Haven City in Jak 3, the northern Slums and the Water Slums were renovated into the New Haven sector. The New Haven sector resembled the Water Slums in that it was filled with water, but was otherwise unrecognizable, as the new district was the most aesthetically advanced sector in all of Haven City, replacing the now-ruined Main Town sector in class. Due to the transformation, the access point to the pumping station was removed, thus disallowing access by way of airlock.



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