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The wasp is an enemy in Jak II and Jak 3. It is a somewhat common metal head, first encountered at the drill platform in the mission "Destroy eggs at drill platform". They again appeared in the Metal Head nest as part of Metal Kor's defense during the mission "Defeat Metal Kor at nest". Later, in Jak 3, they were seen in the Haven sewers during the last sewers mission in "Reach Port via sewer". They were again seen as a proximity defense in the mission "Blow open tower door".


Wasp concept art

Concept art.

The wasp appears to a relatively small body, with two long arms and a pair of thrusters on its back. The big clindrical low part of its body (or perhaps just a casing containing fuel and ammo) has two dark eco blasters mounted on the front.

Wasps almost always fly in pairs of two, and sometimes three or four. They will ambush enemies and usually have specific tasks, like protecting metal head eggs or taking down specific units. It can also evade gunshots very quickly.


The wasp has one attack, which is a series of blasts from its blasters. It takes a second or two, three, to charge but when it fires it is capable of tracking its opponent, forcing you to keep moving fast to avoid it. They are an easy target with the gunpod, simply aim for the center and fire in bursts. Later on during the Metal Kor bossfight you want to use the Blaster's wastelander move to take it out without needing to stop and aim, although the Peace Maker is good too due to its target-seeking attack.

In Jak 3 you should use either the Arc Wielder, Needle Lazer or the Beam Reflexor.