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Oh, my aching head...

The Warrior is a character in The Precursor Legacy. He lives in Rock Village and can be found at the pavilion there. A year before the events of The Precursor Legacy, the Warrior was known as a hero of Rock Village for single-handedly fending off lurker invasions.[1] However, upon the arrival of the gargantuan lurker Klaww, the valorous villager attempted to battle him, which he lost greatly (which also resulted in the Gambler becoming impoverished). Subsequent to his defeat he became a melodramatic coward, removing the pontoons in the bay, cutting Rock Village off from Mountain Pass, where Klaww remained stationed, in the hope of protecting himself from the monster.

In the game, Jak needed the pontoons to access Boggy Swamp, and ultimately, Mountain Pass. The Warrior required a ninety Precursor orb payment for moving the pontoons back. The Warrior can be found slouching at the pavilion, clad in Romanesque armor. He has green hair and a hefty build, and perpetually sobs over his defeat.