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The Vulcan Fury and its dark eco variant the coil gun are racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. The Vulcan is the stronger and longer-range yellow eco pick-up version of the default submachine gun weapon, that, unlike the default weapon, has an ammo cap of 50. Like the submachine gun, however, it fires a rapid succession of bullets in a straight line of fire (albeit with slight aiming).

Although its range is longer than that of the submachine gun's, it still only reaches on the lower end of the medium range spectrum. However, it is incredibly powerful, and is particularly useful in punishing your opponents up close when tailing them during events like the circuit race or fender-to-fender during arena matches.

The only real tactics for avoiding opponents with the Vulcan Fury is to swerve around to break their line of fire, or by activating a shield system. You can also try to dispose of your attacker via any decent rear weapon like the oil slick, attack drone, saucer drone, etc. This weapon is most effective when quickly showering upon targets who are already low on health. If no enemies are nearby, this weapon is also effective in taking out weapons like the static mines, gun tower, etc.

While the Vulcan Fury has a yellow muzzle flash (unlike the blue bullet streaks of the Vulcan Fury Morph Gun weapon from Jak II and Jak 3, after which this weapon was named),[a] the coil gun has a purple tint to it indicating its dark eco augmentation. Acquisition of the Vulcan Fury is indicated by a small turret icon, while the coil gun is represented by a literal coilgun icon. The coil gun is the most powerful machine gun used in Jak X, though is restricted by its limited capacity and auto-targeting capabilities.



  1. This is most likely because the racing weapon is powered by yellow eco instead of blue eco.