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The voltaic eel,[a] also known as the mutant fish[2] or sewer mutant,[3] is an enemy in The Lost Frontier. It appears in two forms, the first in two missions and the second in one mission. The first type is a simple, blue electric eel, whereas the second type is a gold form with an energy shield. It is presumed the eels were used by the Aeropans as a power source and as experiments for the Dark Warrior Program.


Voltaic eels are first encountered by Dark Daxter in the Aeropa sewers during the mission "Escape from the sewers". They initially emerged from large liquid flows of dark eco, suggesting they were infected and possibly experimented on as part of the Dark Warrior Program. They later appear after busting out of generator devices, suggesting their electricity was being harnessed by the Aeropans.

Gold voltaic eel

The gold version of the voltaic eel.

During the mission "Defeat the dark mutants" in Far Drop, Jak encountered several eels which behaved identically to those encountered in the sewers, in addition to ravenously raiding Barter's cabbages.

Eels lastly appeared in the Dark Daxter mission "Escape the laser lab" inside the abandoned research rig's laser lab. They are now noticeably more hostile, completely gold in color, and equipped with temporary energy shields. Daxter noted that the lasers could burn even them, surmising that the lab was built to contain them.


Voltaic eel concept art

Concept art of the voltaic eel.

Voltaic eels are large, cylindrical, anti-gravity animals with red eyes, several fins, two protruding bills each with a row of five teeth, and two rows of several smaller teeth lining the inside of the mouth. Their most notable feature is their electrified skin, with blue bolts (or gold for the second version) constantly surrounding its body.

Eels have two basic attacks. The first involves a discharge of a number of electric bolts from the mouth (three against Daxter, only one against Jak), which while constant in line of fire is very quick and thus fairly dangerous. The second involves them swirling around in circles before releasing four bolts of electricity in all directions, which are also quick and thus more dangerous than the previous attack. This is counteracted by the fact that the eels are considerably weak, requiring only a couple shots from a Gunstaff mod to kill, or a couple shots from Daxter's dark eco blast attack.

The eel also has a fight or flight mechanic that can be exploited by remaining within melee distance of the eel but not attacking. Usually, the eel will resort to pausing for a moment, seemingly in confusion, before fleeing away and resuming attacks. However, more rarely, the eel will circle around Jak and proceed inducing electric shocks that are notedly more harmful than its usual attack. This, however, is easily broken with any of Jak's counterattacks.


  1. Described as a "ravenous" eel in the on-screen text during "Defeat the dark mutants", though it is ambiguous if "ravenous eel" is the proper name. It is otherwise more closely named the eel mutant.[1]