Ok, soooo this plot has been racking in my mind since Jak X, this story will be apart from jak and the final frontier (never played and pretended it never happened but i am a real jak and daxter fan, they have been my childhood idols.) SO lets get this started, and i appreciate for anyone who took the time to read this.

Two years have passed since the events of Jak X. Jak & Co have made HQ at the abondend krizmon robot factory floating above Haven City. Things have settled down, the city is in better condition than it ever has been before, there are no slums, no police brutality, no tyranny, and balance was restored thanks to their new democratic leader Torn along with his cheif officer Ashlein Praxis. Samos is the Head Shaman of the city's hostipals and clinics while Kiera owns her own mechanic shop franchise. As for jak and daxter, they travel together around the world to search for lost precursor artifacts to preserve them in a protected safe vault to keep them away from black market dealers and pirates. At the beginning of the prolouge it intoduces a peaceful earth and communities in harmony, until (the fire nation attacked XD) a powerful beast completely made of dark eco and matter ermeged from the depths of earth and wreaked havoc everywhere. There where hardly any survivors left, no city left unscathed, and society was no more, it was a world of ash and fire. Darkened Metalheads became the primary race of this world

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