As most of you may know, Jak and Daxter the Lost Frontier was released November 3rd, 2009. Anyway since I beat the game 3 times in the last 6 days, I thought I should post a quick review for those of you who have doubts about this game.

Like any other game, their are some ups and Downs. Some are really disappointed that High Impact Games made it. I have a different point of view. I was actually impressed. The Game had good graphics, a well explained story line, and loads of new features. You have to give HIG credit for doing a good job. I mean it's only their 2nd or 3rd game they have made.

There were only a few times I was disappointed. One, they do not mention any characters in the past games. Including Samos, father of Keira. You'd think that their would be at least some character reference in the game. Two, I was disappointed with the ending of the game. You only have two options after you beat the game: 1, Play hero mode. Or 2, Repeat the last mission of the Game. Yeah playing hero mode isn't that bad. But when you have to play the same thing over again gets old. After you beat hero mode, you cant explore, fly vehicles, or anything. You have to start a new game. So, yeah that is a little annoying.

I was very impressed with the flying part of the Game. You have a variety of Air crafts to choose from with one unlock-able ship. The controls are very easy to handle and its not a hassle at all. I was also impressed on the secrets you can unlock in the menu. Not to mention that the Precursor Orbs have the same little song that Naughty Dog in TPL. Ya know, that little chime that played every time you collected an orb.

Overall, it is a very well put game and if Naughty Dog ever abandoned the Jak and Daxter Series (god forbid) their is always an other company to keep are heroes alive.

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