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Jak was a hero now, known all around the New World. The Freedom League even made a statue of Mar’s younger self, looking like Jak. However, the War was not won yet, KG bots and Metal Heads made Haven City still unsafe for citizens and the Freedom League. Jak would receive three amazing Gifts after he saved the World, but first he had to go to the celebration in Spargus City.


1. The big Party

After the Precursors left, there was a big celebration. Everyone was there, even Ottsel Veger who became Kleiver’s sidekick. Seem looked concerned at Jak, maybe a bit too concerned. Jak asked her: “What’s wrong Seem, didn’t we save the World?” Seem replied: “We’re safe Jak, but there’s something I want to show you, it’s your first Gift.

2. Going to the Temple

Seem already left, and Jak immediately went to his Dune Hopper. “Where are we going?” asked Daxter. “To the Monk Temple, Seem said I would get my first Gift there.” “It’ll sure be some Precursor crap, like that one we used to enter the Great Volcano.” Without listening Jak jumped on his Hopper and went to the Temple. Strangely, there were no Marauders, so Jak didn’t have much fun all along.

3. The Ritual

When they finally reached the Temple, it was all quiet, like always. When they made it to the Observation Point, all the Monks were meditating and doing weird things with Light Eco. “What the heck are you guys doing there?” asked Daxter. Seem replied: “Do not interrupt our ceremony, or else Jak won’t receive his Gift from the Precursors”. “I told you, more Precursor crap!” Said Daxter to Jak.

4. The Gift

Three hours passed and they were still meditating. Jak was already asleep, but Daxter yelled at the Monks: “Jeez, when is this ‘Voodoo’ stuff over, I need to go to the loo!” Then suddenly all of the Monks started to look at Daxter. “What did I say wrong?” wondered Daxter. “Jak, our Hero, step into the Light Eco please, then you will receive your first Gift.” Jak walked into the Light, wondering what the Gift might be. He felt the Light Eco more than before, he received Unlimited Light Jak powers. “A gift from the Precursors, we hope you use it well, Hero, but hurry, you must go to the Spargus City leader, Sig, he’ll give you your second Gift.” Said Seem. So that’s where Jak went to.


1.Returning to Spargus

Jak headed back to Spargus City, with his new powers. He felt himself stronger than ever, but he was still missing something. “Dax, I still need to do something for my weapons, they need an upgrade, asap.” “Well Jak, Sig may give you a weapon upgrade as second gift, as he made his own Peace Maker from an ordinary Wastelander Rifle, that’s quite awesome I think.”

2.Searching the Gift

Everyone was still drinking and eating like it was a festival. Through all the people Jak couldn’t saw Sig, which would give him his new Gift. “Ah there you are tall boy, I need to give you something, follow me!” Jak followed Sig until they reached the Palace. “Wait here buddy, I’ll go search your Gift.”

3.The Gift

Sig brought some Morph Gun upgrades that looked exactly like Jak’s upgrades. “Uh Sig, I already have those upgrades, I don’t need them anymore.” “Jak, don’t you see something weird about these upgrades? Haha, look better, …” “I don’t see anything dude?” “These upgrades … don’t need ammo, this is your second Gift, now hand over your old upgrades, you won’t need them anymore.” “ I knew it Jak, he had a weapon upgrade as a Gift, the Orange Lightning was right, zazazing!” “Jak, Daxter, go back to the Metal Head Tower, your last Gift will be there …” “Why going there Sig, there are only Dark Makers there, nothing else.” “Just head there ASAP, don’t waste your time, the War is not over yet …” “You’re right Sig, let’s go Daxter, no time to waste!”


1.Going back to Haven

Jak took the Transporter from Spargus to Haven, and when he reached the Port, all the citizens and Guards said: “All hail Mar, the Hero of Haven City!!” Jak was a Legend now, no one would forget him now he saved the world from Dark Makers. There was another celebration, but Jak left soon: he still needed his last Gift.

2. Fighting their way thru

They were still a lot of Metal Heads in Metal Head City, but Jak fought his way through. When he finally reached the Tower, he noticed that there were no Dark Makers, only at the top. “Looks like they’re too afraid of Orange Lightning, zazazing!” “Sure Dax, maybe they’re just waiting for us, or maybe …” “Maybe what Jak, defending something?” “Exactly ….” “Come on then, let’s go to the top and kill them all, maybe the last Gift is there …”

3.The Gift

They destroyed like 50 Dark Makers at the top without getting hurt, but they weren’t there for the massacre, only for the Gift. “Look at that Jak! A huge Dark Crystal, much bigger than the ones we received for doing some dirty jobs!” “Indeed Dax, maybe this is my new Gift …” Jak carefully touched the Crystal and suddenly all the Dark Eco in his body started to squirl around, he gained Unlimited Dark Jak powers.


Destruction of KG

Jak did have his Gifts, but the War was not over yet. There were still two big enemies to fight, but they decided to start with the KG, who were greatly outnumbered, so an easy target to defeat. Jak asked Jinx to bring some huge Detonators to place on the KG base. The Freedom Leaugue gave backup to Jinx and Jak while they went to the KG base and placed the Detonators. They had 15 minutes to evacuate everyone from the Industrial Zone. All the Guards started to run towards the Port. All those who stayed would die, that was the plan. The explosion would be big enough to destroy all KG factories. 15 minutes later the Detonators went off, destroying the whole KG factory. The first big Victory of the Freedom League.

The List to eliminate the Metal Heads

Two weeks passed since the KG were destroyed, so they could focus more on defeating the Metal Heads, which were a bit harder to destroy. The Freedom League wasn’t able to enter the Metal Head City, because of the poisoned gasses. So Jak invented a list to defeat them. He recruited the Hellcat Cruisers, which weren’t used since the Baron ruled Haven City. Jinx installed 20 Plasmite Bombs on each Cruiser. He modified them so when they touched ground, they would explode, leaving a small crater behind. The Metal Heads couldn’t resist the Assault, and died by the Bombs. The Metal Head City was now a big ruin, full of death. This was the second big and last Victory of the Freedom League. There was finally peace in Haven City.


I hope you liked my story, and thank you for reading this. (This is a story I made of my blog, it took me like 2 hours to make one.)

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