This is the second part of my story. This story is more focused on Daxter, and not on Jak. So here it is:

After the War

Dax was drinking some Happy Pirate Rum in the Naughty Ottsel with Tess. They were really enjoying the party, like everyone. But Daxter knew he was also missing something, like a real home to live in, or a car, or whatever, something! When the party was over he and Tess started to discuss about where to live now the War was over.



"C'mon Tess, where do you wanna live, my honey poney?" "Well, in fact Daxter, I'm not sure, I just don't know where to live." "Do you want to stay in Haven City?" "What??? Nooo, certainly not!" "Do you like sand and deserts? 'Cuz if you do, I know a good spot for us." "Well, that would be better then this smelly Haven. So, where were you thinking about my Daxtinator?" "Well honey, I was thinking of: Spargus City!" "Oh Daxter, that is perfect! When are we goin'?" "I suppose to go now, but if you want to stay, go ahead." "Well, I want to leave right now, let's take the Transporter to Spargus!" "Wait Tess, I have to say a small 'Goodbye' to Jak." So he did, and Jak said he would see him back soon. And so did they leave to Spargus.

Checking it out

When they finally made it there, they went all alone, without Jak, through the desert until they were at the Gate. "Ok honey, let's enter." They entered and Daxter told Tess to follow him. "Wow Dax, I know why they call you 'Orange Lighting', because you're as fast as hell!" "You better get used to this body, and trust me, I have a lot of experience with it." They had to run for like a kilometer before they reached it, but when Tess saw it, she was fascinated by the house. It was even bigger then the Naughty Ottsel and it had a Tower with a great view, and there were three floors and a roof! "Wow Dax, nice house you got there!" "Thanks Honey, and look, we're like 20 feet from the Water Spot, but the Market is 2 kilometres further, however, I buyed 15 Leaper Lizards, so we can travel on them!" "Wow Daxter, you're really a genius!" "I know I know, let's eat some grapes I bought from the Market!" So they ate like 5 pots of grapes, and drunk a lot of water too.



They were already two weeks in their 'big villa', and then Daxter had another idea: He wanted a Zoomer! "Tess, can you buy me a Zoomer in Haven and bring it back here please?" "I'm sorry Dax, I can't take them here, it's against the law." "Alright then, oh wait, I have a better idea! Let's gather some parts from the desert to make a Zoomer!" "Good idea, but we can't do it alone Dax, we need Jak ..." "Alright then, let's call him!" They went back to Haven.

Backup, please?

Jak was at the Freedom League HQ in New Haven, so they had to walk alot. "C'mon Tess, we're almost there!" "I'm a woman Dax, I'm not as strong as you." "Cut the chatter, let's move, we won't be able to get there when it's dark, so ... MOVE!" After three hours they finally reached it, and they asked Jak for help. Jak couldn't say no to his best friend, so he came with them. And so they went to Spargus again.

Gathering the parts

"Well Jak, you'd better take the Gila Stomper, so I can take the Machine Gun to shoot' em off!" "Alright Dax, but be careful up there." "So, what do we need? We need: -V.3,2 engine, - an accelerator, - a headlight, - good brakes, - a speedometer, - an indicator, - a road map and a good body." "Wow Dax, that's a lot!" "Oh no wait Jak, I also need a good radio!" " Well Dax, I can get you some parts, but not all of them. I probably can take you: a body, a radio, an engine which Keira can make, an accelerator, a headlight and some brakes, you will have to find the rest by yourself in the desert." " But Jak, you ain't gonna help me in the desert?" Of course I will, but you can already go scout to check around the area." " Alright then, see ya Jak!" "Tess, we need an indicator, a road map and a speedometer, but we'll probably find some Precursor Artifacts who can change it. Let's scout!" After scouting for 3 hours he came back with a big smile. Daxter found all the parts, but a Precursor Artifacts, named: a smaller version a of the Time Map, named the World Map, which contained all the locations in the New World, then there was a second quantum reflector that Daxter found in the Metal Head Cave which reflected the light that shined on it, so a good indicator and as last there was a Speed Tracer, which told the speed of the vehicle. So Daxter had all his parts, now he was waiting for Jak.

The Dax-Zoomer

Two days later Jak came back with the almost-complete Zoomer. "So Dax, do I need to search some parts with you?" "You're quite slow Jak, the Daxtinator has already found' em, no worries!" "Ok then, put them on the Zoomer." "Hey, not an ordinary Zoomer, it's the Dax-Zoomer!" Jak had to leave soon, and Dax played whole night long with his new 'toy'. His midlife crisis was over.

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