• RuthJak

    This is the second part of my story. This story is more focused on Daxter, and not on Jak. So here it is:

    Dax was drinking some Happy Pirate Rum in the Naughty Ottsel with Tess. They were really enjoying the party, like everyone. But Daxter knew he was also missing something, like a real home to live in, or a car, or whatever, something! When the party was over he and Tess started to discuss about where to live now the War was over.

    "C'mon Tess, where do you wanna live, my honey poney?" "Well, in fact Daxter, I'm not sure, I just don't know where to live." "Do you want to stay in Haven City?" "What??? Nooo, certainly not!" "Do you like sand and deserts? 'Cuz if you do, I know a good spot for us." "Well, that would be better then this smelly …

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  • RuthJak

    Last Battle to Peace

    July 3, 2010 by RuthJak

    this is the new story

    Jak was a hero now, known all around the New World. The Freedom League even made a statue of Mar’s younger self, looking like Jak. However, the War was not won yet, KG bots and Metal Heads made Haven City still unsafe for citizens and the Freedom League. Jak would receive three amazing Gifts after he saved the World, but first he had to go to the celebration in Spargus City.

    After the Precursors left, there was a big celebration. Everyone was there, even Ottsel Veger who became Kleiver’s sidekick. Seem looked concerned at Jak, maybe a bit too concerned. Jak asked her: “What’s wrong Seem, didn’t we save the World?” Seem replied: “We’re safe Jak, but there’s something I want to show you, it’s your first Gift.

    Seem already …

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  • RuthJak

    (This is a blog I worked on, it's not really a story, it's a theory of mine how things would end after Jak 3. I'm also terrible at writing theories) ( A small Fanfiction "story" if you can call it one)

    Seem looked at Jak and asked him to follow her to the Monk Temple. Jak went there without Daxter; he stayed with Tess and went on a "city trip" trough Spargus City, because she never saw it before. Jak went with the Dune Hopper to the Temple, where he met all the Monks of the Temple itself. They were doing some kind of weird ritual with Light Eco. Seem told me the Precursors had left a gift behind for Jak, which he would get after the ritual was over. It took about 2 hours before it was over, and Jak was already asleep. Seem screamed in Jak's…

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