Revealed on the Uncharted 3 [1] page, the first image of the Uncharted 3 logo has surfaced, but is this the real deal or another hoax to add to the mix? No other details are revealed about the game, but a 2011 release date is probable, if this turns out true. The logo reveals, maybe, a jungle theme once again and that it'll be coming soon.

Uncharted 2 was one of the biggest and best game releases of 2009 when it landed on the PS3. We have to wait patiently to see what new game experiences the masterminds at Naughty Dog create with Uncharted 3, whether this is a direct confirmation or not, we know the game is coming at some point.

Without confirmation from Naughty Dog, consider this a rumor for now, but the chances of it being true are highly likely, though expected.

WAIT THERE"S MORE Eagle-eyed bloggers over at GamerZines have spotted a job listing on Naughty Dog’s website. The posting from the Uncharted 2 developers appeals for a game designer to help build “fun third-person action gameplay and levels”. Third person action? Uncharted 3? You bet.

The listing adds that the candidate will be responsible for “for the planning, level layout, setup and tuning of single-player levels, from high concept to object placement and scripting”. Interestingly, another listing appeals for a character artist with an “advanced knowledge of human anatomy”.

It’s coming folks. It’s coming!


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