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    Some person is remaking Jak II in CryEngine (the engine used for the Crysis games) and it looks bloody good! Although I am not easily impressed by some standard in-engine assets and what-not, fancy graphics or no, but the accuracy of the environment is what practically blew my mind. He's calling it Jak II: Renegade: Reborn (admittedly a rather cliché title) and I assume sooner or later he'll have an army of lawyers on his ass because that's how the big companies do.

    So before that happens I want whoever reads this to gaze at the Pumping Station in beautiful realistic modern day graphics.

    Link to video here.

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  • Light Daxter

    TLF Review!

    November 21, 2009 by Light Daxter

    I'm almost done with the campaign, here's some impressions.

    Story isn't that amazing, but it's okay. The jokes and script make up for it though. I do like how they kinda explain how secondary Eco is created.

    Characters are lame, they really don't have any kind of 'feeling', same goes for the enemies. And there are barely any enemies. Eel, sawbot, firebot, tribot, monkey, dark warrior, dark warrior ghost. The only real enemies who have some kinda meaning are the Dark Warriors.

    Thats about it, of course half of the game is just the good ol' J&D formula. However, weapons suck too. There's nothing new! Even the Lobber is just the Plasmite RPG from Jak 3, and in fact, the entire Gunstaff is the Morph Gun. Only worse. I loved how the smooth fightin…

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    I dunno if anyone found this out yet, or if it even works with different browser.

    As the title says, I found a way to use the J&D Wiki's search engine without actually having the Wiki opened! Quite useful I must say, considering I go here quite often and such.

    Either way, Im using FireFox (newest as far as I know) and have the Google search bar in the top right. You might be using Internet Explorer and Bing, but really now, get that crap of your PC and install FireFox! IE/Bing suck compared to FF and Google. Now, its easy, just click on the small arrow next to the Google favicon in the search bar, a drop-down list will appear. Then just pick the option saying "Add Jak and Daxter Wiki (en)" or something like that.

    Tada, you know can use the se…

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    I'll just speak for all of us;


    Most anticipated game for me. I hope they bring back the Dark Makers or fix Mar's story.

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