(I have no ideas for #2 and #1, so if anyone can help me with that, that'd be great.)

(Also this is a transcript for a video that I have not gotten to work on yet, so that's why I say things like "this video")

Hey there! This is Siren-P or whateveryouwannacallme, and after seeing a video about the hardest missions in Jak II, I decided to make a video about the easiest missions in Jak 3. Keep in mind that difficulty is all opinion-based, so if you disagree with my opinions, that's perfectly okay.

First off, I've decided to exclude missions from the first act, since the first act of a game is more-or-less designed to be the easiest part.

Second, because this video has gameplay footage of the second act onward, this video will contain gameplay spoilers, but I doubt you'd care about that if you've already clicked on this video. If you do care and don't want to be spoiled, the back button exists for a reason.

Lastly, only campaign missions, meaning no orb hunting. A lot of those orb hunts are easy (especially post-game), but orb hunts are side missions for a goddamned reason.

NUMBER 5: Destroy final boss (after taking out the Terraformer's legs)

Yes, I put the final boss on this list. To be totally honest with you, the final boss fight with Cyber Errol DESERVES its spot on this list, but only after you've taken out the Terraformer's legs. Taking the out Terraformer's legs is actually pretty hard, considering you can only use the Sand Shark.

First off, all you have to do is shoot Cyber Errol in the back 4 times. Sounds kinda easy, right? Well, how about we make it even easier by having waves of enemies that drop ammo upon death so that you never run out! Now, let's go all out and give you working dark AND light eco vents between each wave so that you can kill the enemies in seconds and be able to fully heal yourself right after! I know that I'm probably exaggerating a little, but it certainly is the easiest final boss fight in the entire original trilogy.

NUMBER 4: Activate Astro Viewer in Haven Forest

I was gonna put this one at number 3 if I'm honest, but, after thinking about it, I decided that this was a little bit harder than what I originally picked for number 4. "Activate Astro Viewer in Haven Forest" is mostly just your standard "kill a bunch of shit" mission, but the big difference is that once you destroy the 3 flowers or whatever they're called in one area, you don't have to do that same 3 again, so you can pretty much get away with dying right after you kill the 3 flowers in an area. This probably isn't related to the mission's difficulty, but if you die after you've completed the mission, the enemies are completely gone when you respawn, which I think takes a load off.

NUMBER 3: Defend Port from attack

Look, the only reason I put this mission on the list is because you have infinite blaster ammo. INFINITE. BLASTER. AMMO. You can spam the absolute living fuck out of it and not have to worry about ammo AT ALL. Yeah, sure, the other weapons that you periodically get throughout the mission do have finite ammo, but you can still use a weapon that has infinite ammo. *chuckle*

NUMBER 2: ???


NUMBER 1: ???


All right, so those were my picks for the easiest missions in Jak 3! If you wanna argue with me on some of these, by all means, do it, but keep in mind that these are just my opinions, and you're allowed to have yours.

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