Our wikia has recently had anonymous editing restored, which means users who do not have an account with wikia can still edit. This is helpful for many reasons, mainly to have a more inclusive community so as to (potentially) attract more regular editors, as well as to give people the opportunity to make good, significant changes without commitment.

The reason our wikia had anon edits prohibited in the first place was Wikia's early determination that our community's subject matter was targeted largely to children under the age of 13 (The Precursor Legacy, Daxter, and The Lost Frontier being rated E or E10+). So, to comply with an FTC regulation intended to protect children, Wikia staff disables anonymous editing for wikis that they interpret to be targeted towards a younger audience. My guess as to why is that if a wikia is going to allow people of all ages, users should at least be made to present their age through an account in order to provide a more accurate user demographic in order to better comply with the regulation.

That said, I want to make a disclaimer here. Jak and Daxter's target audience is better represented by its more popular games, the sequels to the first game, Jak II and Jak 3, which are rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB due to the games' contents containing material that may only be suitable for children over the age of 13. Additionally, Jak X: Combat Racing, while a less-popular spin-off, has themes which surpass Jak II and 3 in mature content. While the Jak and Daxter Wiki still allows anyone of all ages to contribute, it should be noted that some of the subject matter here may contain material deemed inappropriate for a younger fan base by the ESRB. As such, the Jak and Daxter Wiki is not censored per community consensus.

I would also like to note here the reasons we encourage users to create an account throughout the wiki regardless of target audience status:

  1. Creating an account is free and easy. You can even log in with your Facebook account.
  2. If it is your wish, having a user account gives you greater anonymity, because with an account your computer's IP address is not displayed to the public and can only be accessed by Wikia staff (not the wiki's administration). However, without an account, there is no way to identify you other than to display your IP address.
  3. Having an account can allow you to become more a part of the community. Your account is personalized and your account only, and allows you to gain reputation as a helpful contributor.

For more information on the Federal Trade Commissions act as it concerns Wikia, you can visit Staff blog post concerning FTC COPPA (w:c:community). For more information on the rating of the Jak and Daxter series, you can visit

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