Just created this blog post so that people can post their plot ideas for Jak and Daxter 4/Jak 4/Daxter and Jak 4, etc.

Here's some ideas:

Gol and Maia Return

Kiera becomes Master Eco Sage

Ratchet and Clank raid planet

Ratchet and Clank befriend Jak and Daxter

Eco reaches deadly concentration

Precursors return to rebuild the Precursor Continent

Space ship crashes in Haven City

Dark Eco flood

Mind controlling ecowarriors invade

Haven city blown up

Rift gate restored

Large precursor buildings rise from the ground/ocean

War for Haven City II

Daxter becomes human

Jak becomes ottsel

Metal Heads become extinct, dark Eco overload

Light Eco flood

Atmosphere deteriorates

Krew ressurects from the dead

Rayn becomes dark Eco made

Eco runs out, world withers away

Jak and daxter find new planet, without friends

Eco gods destroy Jak's planet

Locations from the old world rise from the ground, destroy HC

Jak's son, and Daxter's daughter save the world from a crisis

Rift gate and rift rider take them to the distant future

Haven City tsunami of black eco

New ecos: Black Eco - Destroys everything it touches, creates black holes

Pallet Eco - can be crafted into other ecos

God Eco - contains all ecos, does anything desired, can only be used by heroes, legends or gods that are worthy.

Spiral Eco - gives ability to fly in any direction, over haven city

Haven city becomes deserted

Haven city becomes wasteland

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