Hi there, I was playing the Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3 and playing the games (they are really good and I regret not playing them before), I am just asking for help as I'm stuck in the games (I'm fine in The Precursor Legacy).

In Jak II, I can't complete the mission where you have to go to a specific point in 3 minutes or less, as I can't manage to get there in time, is there a shortcut or something I can use to get there faster?

In Jak 3, in the section where you learn to turn invisible, and you have to activate a switch, there are cameras that kill you instantly. You have to turn invisible to activate the switch and advance, however, as soon as I activate it I turn visible again and the cameras kill me.

While I'm not exactly stuck, I can't pass the "blue rings" section in The Precursor Legacy because a one of the rings is too high for me to reach in time.

If there's someone who can help me, please comment.

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