• Captain Phoenix411

    So i Beat TLF the other day...that was a short game. but it was AMAZING! i couldn't believe how awesome it was! and Phoenix at the end *sniff sniff* i cried. and while my bro was playing he was on the pirate chick boss and couldn't beat her and i was watching him die like 20 times then. i said i bet i could do it quicker so he said if he died again i got ONE try... he died shortly after. he gave me the controller and i beat her in one try. haha i pwn him at jak games!   

    also i FINALY got my big bro to play Jak x (he's been gone at collage) and he hates it. XP i loved it! and we play multiplayer and he gave up because i kept pwning him!

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  • Captain Phoenix411


    November 25, 2009 by Captain Phoenix411

    So i'm new and have no clue what i'm doing!

    that about sums things up!

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