Now if you all read this I will tell you about my personal things about myself regarding specific wikias the one I am doing right now holds this and it is on this Jak and Daxter wikia:

First what I will say is that if I went to my first place to go in Jak and Daxter's reality(or universe even if we do have a multiverse which I suppose Yes)now it will be Geyser is amazing if I went there because of the geysers, areas, and more, because it will be my perfect spot to be as if I went on vacation, able to relax and yeah other things. The next place is the sewers because even though it might stink in certain areas from all sewage, beside the point I will still go because it holds places I can calm down at, also have fun and destroy KG robots if they try to attack me, or I might just flee while they try to do what they might do, so yeah now the next and last place will be Monk Temple, the things that make me want to go is just the monk temple, however, it will be creepy, yet peaceful, for all things is to do some research there and observe the areas and the rest well nothing I think will be nessassary at all because you can use your imagination and think of the rest.

Alright done now I will do the next parts of my blog later, bye zees.

Also to Jak and Daxter wika thanks I will get my hands on that when I will have the time?

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