When I was first given administrator rights, the initial plan was that I would be here temporarily and weigh out the options; whether I'd stay here, or go back to the NeoWiki and continue my role as wiki staff there. The majority of the time, I was actually considering just leaving this project altogether.

However, with that said, I'm pleased to announce that in a few months, my decision is to permanently reside here. This is why.

I have been on the NeoWikis for 3 months over a year. I head 2 wikis by myself, 1 with a group of people who can't be fucked doing anything, and 1 with somebody who...I don't even know why he's there. The latter is the J&D NeoWiki, and I find myself fighting a lost cause on a wiki that will never reach its full potential when the heads of the project won't do anything. I'm actually finding my time here quite enjoyable, and because I have more abilities here than I would on the NeoWiki, it just adds to the reason. In a few months, my mind will be off the J&D NeoWiki, and on the J&D Wikia.

I also run a Boktai NeoWiki, a Warhammer NeoWiki, and a Pokemon NeoWiki. All 3 of these, I will continue wiki work on, but at another location. Boktai has always been my favourite game series, and so my life would be null without working on a wiki for it. I won't work on the Boktai Wikia, however I will work on a DesignitTonight wiki.

For Pokemon, me and a couple of guys are just going to start one from scratch, make it bigger and better than the NeoWiki could ever hope to be. As for Warhammer, well, I'm just going to start a Dawn of War wiki on DesignitTonight, since that's practically the only Warhammer game I play.

DesignitTonight is a project in progress, so I'll update you on that through the next couple of months. However, I will not be working on a J&D wiki there, and I will stay here.

So hopefully this gives you an explanation to what's happening and what's going to happen. Thanks for reading, I'll see you around.

Angel's Nightmare talk (Admin) 12:07, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

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