This blog is a kind of write up for the implementation of Template:Msg. I edited it in about 3 hours, which is odd because I expected it to take much less time. Alas.

First thing's first; this template wouldn't have been possible if not for Nagare from Neoseeker. He wrote the base of the template, which I recklessly edited into what you may - or may not - have seen. He's truly an awesome editor; if you're interested in general wiki editing, you should definitely check out some of his work.

Second, Tim and I have prepared an example of the template to show how it's used. Forum:Testing template shows you everything the template can do. It's a really basic template, to be honest, but I thought it would be pretty cool to use here, just so we could try and revive the forums a bit more.

Third, you are most likely asking yourself the following questions; why? What's the point? What can we do with it? What use does it have for editing? And the truth is, it has no real purpose. But since most of you are pretty confident in your abilities to edit the wiki, hell, why not? I mean, the sole purpose of the template is to increase general organisation, and maybe get you guys talking a bit more on the forums. Forums are really awesome for discussions, but I don't see people using them a hell of a lot. That's one thing I'm trying to change with this template.

Another thing is the optional use of implementing this template on your personal talk pages. If you're picky with organisation, this may be just the template for you.

The fourth and final thing I want to discuss is this; how do you guys really feel about me working here? I mean, there was obviously going to be some controversy concerning my promotion, so I didn't expect any less than Morgan's friendly greeting - what I'm asking is, how do you feel about me now?

This template is just one of the many things I'm capable of, and I'd like to share not only my gaming knowledge, but my wiki knowledge with you guys. Wiki work is one thing I'm passionate about these days, and I'm happy to share what I've learned.

So there; that's the blog. Job done. I hope you enjoy the template, and I'll patiently listen to your feedback/suggestions/outrage/etc.

Angel's Nightmare talk (Admin) 01:20, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

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