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The Uber-Bot 888 was a boss-level enemy in The Lost Frontier. It was a massive robot built by Tym on Brink Island, with the purpose of helping out on the island similar to the sawbots, but its programming eventually went awry, causing it to become hostile. Tym installed the only velonium power pod on the whole island inside the Uber-Bot, requiring Jak and Daxter to destroy it to retrieve the power pod and fix the wrecked Hellcat.


Velonium power pod

The velonium power pod.

The Uber-Bot 888 was, as its name would imply, a very large robot, heavily fortified with thick yellow armor (allowing it to be impervious to arms fire), and a solid steel frame (which became exposed when Jak blew off all its armor with the eco amplifier).

It had a single cylindrical head-like device between its shoulders, which it used to fire up to three lasers at a time. On its shoulders were two large devices which it used to discharge several sawblade-like shurikens. Both arms were mounted with very large sawblades, which it lost when they became lodged in Jak's eco constructs. The velonium power pod is embedded in its chest, protected with yellow and silver armor. The Uber-Bot was heavy enough to cause harmful shockwaves along the ground when it jumped up and down.