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The turbo assist and its dark eco variant the ultra turbo assist are cheat devices acquired via red eco pick-ups, featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. Only available in the circuit race event, this device will keep your turbo meter charged whilst disabling the turbo capabilities of your opponents. The default version will last for four seconds, while the dark eco upgrade will last for six, though both will leave you with a fully charged turbo meter after expiring.

This device has several downsides and technical handicaps. First of all, it is only usable in the circuit race events, which often take place on tracks with tight corners such as the Sewer Raceway or Kras City, rendering this device a useless if not dangerous choice in such cases. Additionally, NPC racers do not use this weapon, and while this isn't in and of itself a downside, it doesn't appear to noticeably affect NPC racers when used against them. Therefore, effective use of this device is restricted to exhibition mode circuit races.


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