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The transport balloon was a large aircraft built by Lurkers and seen in Jak II. Jak and his friends needed a way to get the new rift rider to the Metal Head nest, but they were unable to transport it on their own until Brutter offered to transport it for them with one of the Lurker's transport balloons. Jak agreed and had to defend the young and old Samos Hagai's as they moved the Rider to the balloon in the "Defend stadium" mission. After the defeat of Metal Kor it was flown into the heart of the Metal Head nest to deliver the Rider to the rift gate.

The transport is a plain lurker balloon (a large asymmetric thick cloth kept together by thick ropes) with a large platform made out of planks tied below it. At the back of the platform is a metal engine which powers a fan. Despite the simplicity it is quite capable of flying around fairly well, as Brutter even managed to steer it into the heart of the Nest.