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The transit system is an underground transportation network beneath Haven City, featured only in Daxter. It is used as a means of cargo transportation as well as presumably public transportation for Haven citizens. Its entrance was located in the Industrial Section until the events of Jak II. During Daxter, it was infested with metal bugs, and more notably, the Altum sonatur queen.


After Daxter completed a job at the brewery, the Barmaid mentioned that a worker from the transit system said metal bugs had been chewing through the electrical wires. Upon arrival at the transit system, Daxter cleared out the bugs, and ultimately ran into the Altum sonatur queen, which he proceeded to battle and destroy.


The entrance elevator to the transit system is located directly athwart the entrance to the Port. The entire transit system is infested with bugs, littered with graffiti, barricaded areas with "Physical Hazard"-designated caution signs, and naturally, several transport cars and trains come and go through railway systems.

Transit system 2

A control room.

There are generally three different types of areas in the transit system. The first room is dedicated to a large terminal with a holographic display, which appears to serve as a public transit map. The primary train station is located after this, though there are several other smaller train stops throughout the transit system. Preceding each of the rapid transit networks are control rooms with terminals, sometimes with observation windows. A rapid transit network consists of railing with fast-moving trains, the tops of which Daxter navigated while dodging electric gates and using the pressure boost attachment to get to other areas. These areas are typically very hazardous, prolonged, and fast-paced.

Transit system train chase

Service zoomer in the train tunnel.

There is also a power room located after the first transit network. A massive power generator column is placed at the center of this room and appears to be some significant source of energy. The transit network after the power room ultimately leads to a tunnel network which Daxter navigated using a service zoomer. However, this tunnel is also used by a train, therefore Daxter had to outrun it using the zoomer. This ultimately ended in the destruction of the train, exposing a small dirt shaft with green fumes flowing out of it. This leads to the arena in which Daxter encountered the Altum sonatur queen.

This area is a very large, circular room that has been terraformed in a manner typical of Metal Heads.[a] The area is bordered with small ruptures in the terrain that spew green fumes, causing the area to be very smoggy. It is able to be deduced that this was once a normal area of the transit system, with several hazard signs, lights, exhaust fans, and a door that leads to the exit elevator.


  1. In fact, it bears very close resemblance to the section of Haven City that would become Metal Head city in Jak 3.