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An unofficial timeline for the Jak and Daxter series.

Chronological orderEdit

The chronological order of the series is:


  • The Precursors start creating Jak's planet.
  • The Dark Makers appear out of corrupted Precursors, after experimenting with dark eco.
  • The Precursors stop building Jak's planet at Brink Island.
  • The Precursors fight a war with the Dark Makers and the Metal Heads and lose the first of the two Metal Head Wars.
  • A young Jak and young Samos Hagai appear in the past, several years (8 to 12) prior to the events of The Precursor Legacy.
  • The Rift Ring and Rift Rider are somehow hidden on top of a massive dark eco silo.
  • Gol and Maia decide to start their plan and kidnap the Blue, Red and Yellow sages.
  • The events of The Precursor Legacy occur.
  • Jak and Daxter relocate the Rift Rider and Rift Ring to Sandover Village.
  • Jak, Samos, Daxter and Keira travel through time.
  • Metal Heads invade Sandover Village and the rest of the world, beginning the second of the two Metal Head Wars.
  • The hero Mar establishes Haven City and constructs the Shield Wall, powered by eco from the Eco Mines. He also designs the eco grid and Mar's Gun (named after him). He was buried in his tomb along with the Precursor Stone.
  • With Damas still as king or ruler over Haven City he has a child with an unknown woman. The child's birthname is Mar.
  • Shortly thereafter (or beforehand) Damas is deposed by Baron Praxis and has Haven rule wrested from him. The usurper Praxis banishes Damas and probably his supporters and companions to the Wasteland. Sometime shortly beforehand or after these events young Mar was kidnapped by Count Veger. Later on he would somehow escape and end up in the care of young Samos and Kor with the Underground.
  • Damas either founds Spargus or joins it, eventually becoming king there.
  • Baron Praxis has become the ruler of Haven City and starts the Krimzon Guard or at least corrupts the organisation.
  • Jak and Daxter become separated from Keira and Samos before appearing in Haven City by way of the Rift Gate and Rider. Jak is captured and the events of the Dark Warrior Program occur. During the two years of Jak's imprisonment Samos is also incarcerated and Keira finds employment in the racing industry as a mechanic and racing manager.
  • Metal Bugs infiltrate the security of Haven.
  • The events of Daxter occur.
  • The events of Jak II occur.
  • Ashelin establishes the short successor to the Krimzon Guard, the New Krimzon Guard. Brutter becomes the captain.
  • Erol is repaired and modified into the cyborg known as Cyber Errol; later the Dark Makers contact him and he's given command over the Ship.
  • Cyber Errol takes command over the KG Death Bots and the Metal Heads.
  • The events of Jak 3 occur.
  • Haven City is renovated from the war.
  • Jak, Keira, Samos, Sig, Daxter, Ashelin and Torn travel to Kras City.
  • The events of Jak X: Combat Racing occur.
  • The world has an eco shortage.
  • The events of The Lost Frontier occur. The Eco Core is re-stabilized thus ending the eco shortage and stopping the eco storms.

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