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Biographical information
Primary location(s)Haven City
Physical description
Portrayed byDavid Herman

Tik is a black flea in Daxter. Despite the fact that Daxter works as an exterminator for the course of the game, he takes Tik as his sidekick because of the bug's ability to enter computers and chew wires, and names it based on the noise it makes. Beyond this, Tik's only importance is finding Jak's clothes which he would wear in Jak II. Tik is presumably killed by Metal Kaeden later, which would lead Daxter to exact revenge.

In appearance, Tik looks like a flea with a yellow glow. Its name is a play on the word "tick", a kind of insect. Tik's gender is unknown but it lifted one of its legs to pee on Daxter's hand, meaning Tik could be male. Throughout the game it says "Tik" but it learns English as the game progresses. A 100% completion of Daxter allows the player to find Tik in a broken glass container in Osmo's Extermination Shop.[1]


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