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Tik... Tik.
— Tik upon meeting Daxter., {{{3}}}

Tik is a character in Daxter. Daxter took the friendly termite as his sidekick, as he always wanted a sidekick of his own after being Jak's sidekick. Tik was also useful because of the bug's ability to infiltrate computer systems, which he did once in the at the tanker and once at the Haven Palace. Daxter named Tik according to the noise it makes. Beyond this, Tik's only importance is finding Jak's clothes, which he goes on to wear in Jak II. Tik is ultimately killed by Kaeden at Kridder Ridder shop, which led Daxter to exact revenge.

In appearance, Tik looks like a normal termite but with a yellow glow. Its name is a play on the word "tick", a kind of insect. Tik's gender is unknown but it lifted one of its legs to pee on Daxter's hand, meaning Tik could be male. A 100% completion of Daxter allows the player to find Tik in a broken glass container in Kridder Ridder shop.[1]


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