Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is a strategy guide and canonical source of information for The Precursor Legacy by Prima Games, written by Dave Winding, published by Random House Inc., officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, with contributions by Naughty Dog, Inc.

Originally released on December 11, 2001, a second edition was released to accompany the Greatest Hits edition of The Precursor Legacy on October 22, 2002. It was part of Prima's Official Strategy Guide Series[1] before going out of print and out of stock in late 2004.[2] It was also inducted into the Library of Congress upon publication.

Format and graphicsEdit

The strategy guide is authored by "Daxter, with Dave Winding", according to the book, and as such, "Daxter" narrates throughout. The dialogue is original of Dave Winding, however, and not written by writers at Naughty Dog. The book is chronicled with sticky notes and listicles of commentary by Daxter, and is illustrated with in-game screenshots along the way, as well as decorative renders in the margins.

The book starts out acquainting the reader with the various gameplay elements, characters, commodities, and factions in the game. Each hub location includes brief descriptions of the new characters. Each chapter is preceded by the game map with the relevant location circled, and starts with "Sage Advice" from Samos Hagai, listing the various prerequisites and requirements, as well as a stamped "postcard" and notes page from Daxter. The design and layout is credited to Tim Lindquist. The various promotional renders and exclusive artwork are original of Naughty Dog.[3]

The front cover of the strategy guide utilizes the same art from the front cover of the NTSC-U/C version of The Precursor Legacy, with Prima's "Official Strategy Guide" red banner along the top. It advertises "All 101 Power Cells Located!" on the front, and "Secret power cell revealed!" on the binding.

Release and other mediaEdit

The strategy guide was printed in the United States, and distributed across North America (United States and Canada), and in the United Kingdom, originally listed at USD 14.99, CAD 19.95, and GBP 9.99, respectively.[4] The first edition was released December 11, 2001, eight days after The Precursor Legacy's North American debut. A second edition was later released on October 22, 2002 to accompany the Greatest Hits edition of the game.

The game manual for the NTSC-U/C release of The Precursor Legacy advertises the strategy guide, proclaiming "You've got the game, now get the guide!"[3] Although the strategy guide was distributed in the UK, the PAL release of The Precursor Legacy does not mention the strategy guide.

The book is one of three strategy guides covering The Precursor Legacy, and the only English language strategy guide. There are also two Japanese language strategy guides, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Official Exploration Guide Book by Famitsu, and Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Official Perfect Guide by Shogakukan. All three are included in Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter merchandise collection.[5]

The book is also one of two Prima Games strategy guides that covers a game from the Jak and Daxter series, the other being Jak X: Combat Racing: Prima Official Game Guide.

Originality and researchEdit

As a product officially licensed by Sony, published by the video game strategy guide imprint of Random House, Inc., Prima Games, the strategy guide is a canonical source of information. The guide specially thanks individuals from both Naughty Dog and Sony, including those charged with the canon, namely Dan Arey and Sam Thompson, each from their respective companies. Although Daxter's dialogue is attributed to Winding of Prima Games, the advertisement in the game's manual pronounces "Daxter's" tips as official. The advertisement also boasts original, exclusive artwork from Naughty Dog.

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