Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Official Exploration Guide Book (ジャック×ダクスター 旧世界の遺産 公式探検ガイドブック) is a Japanese tankōbon strategy guide for The Precursor Legacy by Famitsu (ファミ通書籍編集), written by Kyūsenpō (急先鋒), published by Enterbrain (エンターブレイン) and Tokuma Shoten (株式会社徳間書店), and officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


The strategy guide's official name is "ジャック×ダクスター 旧世界の遺産 公式探検ガイドブック", which literally translates to "Jack × Duxster Old World Heritage Official Exploration Guide Book" (Romanization "Jakku × Dakusutā kyū sekai no isan kōshiki tanken gaidobukku"). However, there are two official translations, both of which can be found on the book. The first and most common is "Jak and Daxter the precursor legacy official exploration guide book", while the other is "Jak × Duxster: The Precursor Legacy Official Exploration Guidebook".

Format and graphicsEdit

The strategy guide contains artwork similar to that of the NTSC-J manual for The Precursor Legacy, and promotional renders shared among all Japanese Jak and Daxter media. It also has its own original 2D illustrations and overhead 3D level maps. It also shares some screenshots, renders, and cut-outs from the manual. Each chapter begins with a complete overhead map of the new location, then features specific close-ups of certain areas throughout the chapter.

The guide is chronicled by pop-up boxes pointing to certain areas and illustrations, explaining the missions in a sequential manner. The maps also feature the locations of collectibles such as Precursor orbs, power cells, and scout flies. Messages from Samos himself are also present throughout.

The front cover of the strategy guide utilizes the same render of Jak and Daxter lunging into the air with a power cell from the front cover of the NTSC-J version of The Precursor Legacy, but placed on a plain orange background. An unfamiliar "Jak and Daxter" logo with both Japanese and English subtitles is situated at the top of the book.

Release and other mediaEdit

The strategy guide was printed and distributed in Japan. The first edition was released some time in 2001 to accompany The Precursor Legacy's debut.

The book is one of three strategy guides covering The Precursor Legacy, and one of two Japanese language strategy guides. The other Japanese language guide is Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Official Perfect Guide by Shogakukan, and the English language counterpart is Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy: Prima's Official Strategy Guide by Prima Games. All three are included in Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter merchandise collection.[1]

The book is also one of two Famitsu strategy guides that covers a game from the Jak and Daxter series, the other being Jak and Daxter II Official Complete Guide.

Originality and researchEdit

As a product officially licensed by Sony, published by Famitsu, a video game magazine company by Enterbrain and Tokuma, the strategy guide is a canonical source of information. The book also attributes direct supervision by Sony Computer Entertainment (now known as Sony Interactive Entertainment).

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