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This article comprises the full verbal transcript of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Due to the game's lack of linearity, in-game lines are organized per location (linearly), then per character, then per context. Thus the transcript itself is only semi-linear.

For other information regarding the format and layout of this article, see the transcript guideline.


Samos Hagai (narrating): I have spent my life searching for the answers that my father, and my father's fathers, failed to find. Who were the Precursors? Why did they create the vast monoliths that litter our planet? How did they harness eco, the life energy of the world? What was their purpose, and why did they vanish? I have asked the plants, but they do not remember. The plants have asked the rocks, but the rocks do not recall—even the rocks do not recall.

Samos Hagai (narrating): Every bone in my body tells me that the answers rest on the shoulders of a young boy. Oblivious to his destiny, uninterested in the search for truth, and rejecting of my guidance! And why would he want to listen to old Samos the Sage, anyway? I'm only the master of green eco, one of the wisest men on the planet! (sighs)

Samos Hagai (narrating): So it seems the answer begins not with careful research, or sensible thinking; Nay! As with many of fate's mysteries, it begins with but a small act of disobedience.

Daxter: Hey! Uh, Jak? Old green stuff told us not to come here.

Gol Acheron: Continue your search for artifacts and eco. The locals possess Precursor items, you know what to do.

Maia Acheron: Deal harshly with anybody who strays from the village; we will attack it in due time.

Daxter: What are we doin' here anyway, Jak? This place gives me the creeps!

Daxter: (oof) Huh? Oh, stupid Precursor junk!

Daxter: Eek! What is that dark ooze? It sure don't look friendly!

Daxter: The Sage yaps on about the Precursors that built this place all the time: "Where did they go?", "Why did they build this crap?" Now I like Precursor orbs and power cells as much as the next guy, but if you ask me, they must have been real losers.

Daxter: Wo-oah! How did you do that?

Jak: Uh...

Daxter: Jak, I think we're in trouble!

Jak: Hiyah!

Daxter: (yells)

Daxter: Man, that stung! I told you we shouldn't have come here, and you listened!

Daxter: ...What?

Daxter: (screams)

Daxter: Okay, okay. I'm fine, I'm fine.

Daxter: (screams)

Samos Hagai: What in green tarnation do you two want?

Daxter: We–we–we was, they was–I–I was–...

Samos Hagai: Don't tell me! Instead of heeding my wisdom, the two of you went mucking around at the only place that I told you not to go: Misty Island!

Daxter: That's right! And then we–...

Samos Hagai: And Daxter, you finally took a much-needed bath, but in a bath tub filled with dark eco.

Daxter: Look old man, are you gonna keep yappin', or are you gonna help me out of this mess?!

Samos Hagai: I'm gonna keep yappin'! Because in my professional opinion, the change is an improvement.

Daxter: (growls)

Samos Hagai: And besides... I couldn't help you if I wanted to.

Daxter: What?!

Samos Hagai: There's only one person who has studied dark eco long enough to have a chance at returning you to your previous form: Gol Acheron, the sage. But he lives far to the north; far, far to the north! Nobody has spoken to him in ages. I would teleport you there, but I can't do that either: None of the three sages that maintain the other teleporter gates have seen fit to turn their ends on for quite a while! The only other way north is by foot through the Fire Canyon, but its volcanic soil is hot enough to melt Precursor metal; you can't just walk through it!

Keira Hagai: But you could fly over it! If you had a zoomer equipped with a heat shield. I just happen to be working on such a thing at this very moment. All I would need is twenty power cells to give it enough energy to withstand the canyon's heat. Isn't that right, Daddy?

Samos Hagai: Yes, Keira, that might work. But where are a boy—and a half—going to get twenty power cells?

Keira Hagai: From the villagers. Most of them have a power cell or two stashed away somewhere. And even if they aren't willing to just give them away, greasing their palms with a few Precursor orbs should do the trick. And I bet there are even more of them out in the wilds, just waiting for some brave adventurer to find.

Daxter: Well, we've got the brave adventurer, at least.

Samos Hagai: Brave adventurer? You two couldn't find your way out of the village without training! Before you do anything else, you better go through the warp gate and get some practice on Geyser Rock.

Daxter: Uh, we won't find any more of that dark, gooey eco stuff, will we? 'Cause I'd hate to fall in again and turn into you!

Samos Hagai: Get in there! Before I turn you both into ferns!

Geyser RockEdit

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon taking a few steps toward the nearby chests.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): This device is a communicator. With it, my father and I can give you advice at any time during your quest.

(Upon reaching the first trail of Precursor orbs.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): These floating egg-shaped things are Precursor orbs. Collect enough of them, and some of the villagers will give you a power cell in exchange.

(Upon reaching the first power cell.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): This is a power cell, the most important Precursor artifact you can find! You need to collect twenty of these so I can power the heat shield for your A-Grav Zoomer.

(Upon collecting a scout fly.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Hey, you found one of my scout flies! I sent seven of them to each area to look for power cells, but the lurkers must have captured them all!

(Upon collecting the seventh scout fly's power cell.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Wow! That last scout fly had a power cell! I'll bet if you collect all seven in each area, you can find even more power cells!

(Upon approaching the blue eco vent.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): That's a blue eco vent. More concentrated than the floating clusters, this vent will give you a full charge of blue eco letting you use it for the maximum time!

Samos Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon attempting to prematurely activate the teleport gate.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): You can't come back through the warp gate until you find all four power cells on this island!

(Upon attempting to break a locked box by kicking or punching.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Sometimes you'll want to hit things with a greater force. To break one of these boxes you should jump in the air, and then dive down onto it hands first.

(Upon approaching a cluster of blue eco.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): That's blue eco, which contains the energy of motion. Blue eco allows you to run fast, break boxes, and even activate some Precursor artifacts when you get near to them.

(Upon picking up a cluster of blue eco.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Notice, how each blue eco cluster you pick up increases the time you can use its power.

(Upon approaching the Precursor door.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): This is a Precursor door. It can only be opened by approaching the door while channeling blue eco through your body.

(Upon collecting the power cell behind the Precursor door.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Good work! The blue eco caused the door to open. With blue eco, you can breathe energy into all kinds of Precursor artifacts that have lain dormant for years.

(Upon approaching group of small green eco clusters.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Those little green balls of energy on the ground are a type of eco. Pick up fifty small green ecos, or one big green one, to increase your health.

(Upon approaching staggered Precursor platforms.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): You can jump once, then jump again in the air to reach even higher ledges.

(Upon collecting the last power cell and not immediately returning through the teleport gate.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Great! You found all of the power cells of the island. Come back to the warp gate so I can bring you back to the lab. Hurry up!

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon trying to break a locked box by kicking or punching again.)
Daxter: These wooden metal boxes don't look that tough! I'll bet they'll break if you jump-dive onto them.

(While standing on the Precursor platform at the end of the course without channeling blue eco.)
Daxter: We need blue eco to charge this platform up!

Sandover VillageEdit

Samos HagaiEdit

Samos Hagai: Good training boys, but that's nothing compared to the challenges that lie ahead!

Daxter: Ahhh, they're no problem! We got the moves, eh Jak? We'd love to stay and chat, Big Green, but we're uh, itching to get on with our adventures.

Samos Hagai: Fine, fine. "Adventure" away then. And while you're out "adventuring", why don't you make yourself useful? My darn green eco collectors are clogged up again. Head out to the far side of the beach and clear them out, why don't you? Follow the lamps. They'll take you right there. Now, all of you... get out of here!

(Talk again without completing "Unblock the eco harvesters".)
Samos Hagai: Some brave adventurers you two are. Back already and without clearing my blocked eco harvesters! They're on the far side of the beach, boys. Now... get moving!

(Talk again after completing "Unblock the eco harvesters".)

Samos Hagai: Oh, it's the conquering heroes. Good! I want to talk with you two about something serious! There appears to be quite a bit of lurker activity on Misty Island. I can see them bombarding the Precursor silo from my lookout tower! If the Lurkers open it up and release the dark eco, we could all end up running around looking as ridiculous as this annoying little specimen! Jak, it's time for you to prove your worth. Get the Fisherman to let you take his boat back to Misty Island, get to the top of the Precursor silo, and take out that cannon.

Daxter: And what about me?

Samos Hagai: You? Why don't you mop my floors? They seem to have lost their shine lately!

(Talk again without completing "Stop the cannon".)
Samos Hagai: The bombardment is getting worse! Find the Fisherman in the jungle, get permission to use his boat, and get over to Misty Island to stop the cannon! And you, Daxter! You need to get mopping, this place is a mess!

(Talk again after completing "Stop the cannon". Samos has two lines which he will alternate every time you leave his hut and come back. He will be levitating for both, the first line facing Jak, and the second line facing away from Jak. You can trigger the same line consecutive times if you did not first leave his hut.)

Samos Hagai
  • What are you two doing here?! You have power cells to collect! Leave me alone—until you have them!
  • You two just don't understand the gravity of the situation. This is about more than a single boy gone fuzzy. This is about life as we know it. Now get out there and fulfill your destiny!

Keira HagaiEdit

Daxter: Hey baby! Whad'ya say you and I go cruisin' on this A-Grav Zoomer?

Keira Hagai: Rule number one: I don't date animals.

Daxter: Aw, you don't know what you're missin', hehe.

Keira Hagai: Listen, if you need something to keep you busy, my father always talked about an ancient Precursor pipeline hidden deep underground. Some of these pipes end in vents from which eco flows freely, and some have been capped off so that the eco is sealed back. There must be a way to turn the capped vents on. I traced part of the pipeline back to the Forbidden Temple. Maybe you should look there for some type of switch.

(Talk again after completing "Catch 200 pounds of fish", "Find the blue vent switch", or "Unblock the eco harvesters".)

Daxter: Hey baby! What'cha workin' on?

Keira Hagai: Be careful with that! I'm trying to figure out how to transport the zoomer using the trans-pads the Precursors left all over the world. If you come across one of these pads, I can lock on to your communicator's location and send you the zoomer! Keep an eye out for a trans-pad when you explore Misty Island... and wherever else you go!

(Talk again without completing "Find the blue vent switch" or "Destroy the balloon lurkers", respectively. These alternate if neither have been completed. However, the first one only plays after the previous cutscene has been played.)

Keira Hagai
  • I'm sure, if you looked inside the Precursor Forbidden Temple, you'll find a way to turn on that capped blue eco vent on Sentinel Beach.
  • I've definitely figured out how to use the trans-pads! Now, go to Misty Island and I'll send the zoomer over to you!

(Talk again after having met the previous two conditions, but without possessing twenty power cells.)
Keira Hagai: Hey guys! Keep collecting power cells. They're the key to continuing our journey north.


Mayor: Oh (tense mutters), don't tell me that you two have problems as well! First I hear of monster sightings near the village, now this. See those gears up there, boys? See them? See how they're not moving? That means our village has no power! The eco beam coming from the jungle temple has been interrupted! Boys, everyone's too frightened to go out and find out what's happened!

Daxter: Did you pay the bill?

Mayor: Yea—...hmm? Oh-huh-oh, you're funny. Now look, if you two fix the eco beam, I'll give you a power cell. Oh, ooh ooh, and-and another thing, uh... If by any chance you're interested in making a contribution to my re-election campaign, I–I might be willing to part with yet another power cell! The minimum contribution is, oh, a very modest... ninety Precursor orbs.

(Talk again without completing "Unblock the eco beam" or without ninety Precursor orbs, respectively. These alternate if neither have been completed. However, the first one only plays after the previous cutscene has been played.)

  • Back already? And without fixing the eco beams? (sobs stressfully) Your village needs you, boys!
  • Back here to make a donation to my campaign (excited chuckle). Ninety Precursor orbs buys you a power cell, thank you.

(Talk again after completing "Unblock the eco beam".)
Mayor: (chuckles) What a wonderful sight! I thank you! And the entire village will thank me—Uhh, boys, you have restored power to the village and guaranteed my re-election! And for that, my boy, you've earned a power cell.

(Talk again with ninety Precursor orbs.)
Mayor: So eh, you uh, want to make a contribution? Good... A-a sizable one, I hope. (exclaims, stutters) This is a sizable contribution! (stutters) Why I just hope this power cell adequately represents my gratitude.


Uncle: Well, hello there my dear boy. You've caught me at a most inopportune moment. I was to set off on my journey yesterday, but I seem to be a spot short on the old Precursor orbs. I would've pledged my word that I had ninety of them. But I gather that your young friend, you know, the little annoying miserably ugly one, might have just pilfered them as a sort of a spot of fun.

Daxter: (mockingly growls)

Uncle: Anyway, would you be kind enough to loan your dear old uncle ninety Precursor orbs, so he can get underway? I would offer you a power cell in return.

(Talk again without ninety Precursor orbs, alternating.)

  • What? You don't have the full stash? Harumph! Well, any less than ninety Precursor orbs, and I shan't have a chance to get underway, dear boy.
  • Well, see here! The deal is for ninety Precursor orbs for a power cell, a downright even trade!

(Talk again with ninety Precursor orbs.)
Uncle: I see you two are back to make the trade. Good, good, jolly good! Hey, you have the uh, Precursor orbs that we agreed on? I hope you put this hard-earned power cell to good use. Cheerio, ta ta, bye bye!


Sculptor: Hey! Little furry dude! Aww... I thought for a moment you were my muse.

Daxter: Your what?

Sculptor: Haven't you ever seen a muse before? It's a little glowin' squirrel about your size, full of spunk, and crazy as a lark!

Daxter: Oh, I get it! Like a sidekick.

Sculptor: As a matter of fact, without my muse, I just can't sculpt. But with her around... I see beauty in everything, you know? Right now I couldn't chisel my way out of a box. I think she ran away to that Misty Island. (moans) I just hope she's alright. It's worth a power cell if you bring her back to me!

Daxter: Wait a minute! We are not going back to Misty Island! Are we?..

(Talk again without completing "Catch the Sculptor's muse".)
Sculptor: Aw hey dudes! Did you find my muse yet?

(Talk again after completing "Catch the Sculptor's muse".)
Sculptor: Oh, my muse! You saved her! Aw, you really are the best! Here, take this power cell. I won't need it now that I have my inspiration back!


Birdwatcher: Oh my, what a horribly sick little bird.

Daxter: Huh! You don't look so good yourself, lady!

Birdwatcher: Oh, sorry! I thought you were a spotted orange-bellied rain fray. You know, yesterday I saw some terribly vicious creatures capture a mother flut flut near the beach. Now there's this poor little orphan egg sitting in a nest at the top of the cliff and I can't get to it. If you could climb up there and push it off, I've piled some hay down at the base to catch it safely. Do an old lady a favor, and I'll give you a power cell.

(Talk again without completing "Push the flut flut egg off the cliff", alternating.)

  • Oh, hello again. Did you boys find that blue egg on the cliff? Push it off the edge and I'll give you a power cell.
  • Are you boys still picking around here? (laughs) I'll bet that poor little blue egg on the cliff is getting awfully cold by now. Go save it by pushing it off the edge of the cliff, and I'll give you a power cell.


Farmer: Gotta milk those yakows, gotta milk those yakows—... Oh! It's you! Oh, just restin' my tired bones. I've been tryin' to get those ornery yakows back into the pen all day! Some strange creatures tried to steal 'em earlier. You think you can help an old man and try to get 'em back into the corral?

(Talk without completing "Herd the yakows into their pen", alternating.)

  • Hey! My yakows are still on the loose! Eh, could you bring 'em back for me already?
  • Those darn yakows are still roamin' free! Ain'cha gonna chase 'em into the corral already?

(Talk again after completing "Herd the yakows into their pen".)
Farmer: Ah, well done my boy! You actually got those flea-bags back into the pen! Now I can sleep in peace. Take this power cell for your trouble.

First oracleEdit

Oracle: Who awakens the Oracle? Wait, one of you has the light within. From before time, I have watched and waited for the true hero to return. Present to me one hundred and twenty Precursor orbs for each power cell I contain.

(Talk again without one hundred twenty Precursor orbs.)
Oracle: Bring to me one hundred and twenty Precursor orbs, and I will award you a power cell.

(Talk again with one hundred twenty Precursor orbs.)
Oracle: For your gift, another power cell is yours.

(Talk again with an additional one hundred twenty Precursor orbs.)
Oracle: You have proven yourself worthy. Here is a power cell.

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon approaching the Fisherman's broken boat.)
Daxter: Did you see the size of the bite that lurker shark took out of the Fisherman's boat?! (inhales) We'd best stay way clear of them! I don't think we can tackle a creature that dag nasty.

(Upon approaching the Fisherman's speedboat.)
Daxter: Maybe we should go root out the Fisherman. I heard he was in the jungle fishing by the lower river.

(Upon climbing to the top of the rocks from where you can see the first oracle.)
Daxter: Woah! Check out that funky sculpture sitting on the rocks over there.

(Upon approaching the oracle.)
Daxter: This must be a Precursor oracle like the Sage always goes on about. I hope they weren't as ugly in person.

(Upon completion of "Herd the yakows into their pen".)
Daxter: That lazy Farmer owes us a power cell! Let's go talk to him!

(Upon completion of "Catch 200 pounds of fish" and returning to Sandover Village.)
Daxter: Hey! Let's go check out old "fish breath's" speedboat at the dock.

Samos Hagai (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

Samos Hagai
  • He'll just never be like his uncle (mutters). I don't care what the others say.
  • These two couldn't unblock their ears (mutters).
  • Hello? Blue Sage? Hello? Where the blue blazes could he be? (mutters)
  • Anyone? Anyone at all? Come in.
  • My my my...

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

Keira Hagai
  • Mm!
  • Gotta get this heat shield working.
  • We need power cells to fuel the heat shield.

(Upon entering Fire Canyon with less than twenty power cells.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): You don't have enough power cells to fuel my heat shield. You can't cross Fire Canyon until you collect enough power cells.

(Upon collecting twenty power cells and returning to or while inside Sandover Village.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Good! You've collected enough power cells to fuel my heat shield! Meet me by the entrance to the Fire Canyon, by climbing the cliff behind the Farmer's house. Bring the power cells, and hurry! My father says he's seen more lurkers around!

(Without visiting Keira at Fire Canyon, or leaving and returning to Sandover Village.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Hurry up with those power cells. I'm waiting at the head of Fire Canyon at the top of the cliff behind the Farmer's house!

Mayor (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

(Lines spoken at any time.)

  • (sobs and stutters) I'll never get re-elected now...
  • (haws and stutters) I['d] (moans). Maybe I should raise taxes, (stutters) to pay for this mess.
  • Problems (mutters) problems (mutters) problems.

(Lines spoken only prior to completing "Unblock the eco beam".)

  • (moans) What's happened to the village's energy beam?
  • They want me to go into the jungle—me! (distraught, sarcastic laugh) I'd sooner wrestle an enraged flut flut.
  • Polls (mutters) monsters (mutters) re-election (moans).
  • (stutters) First the Fisherman's boat, (stutters) it's attacked by a monster, huh... and now, now this, what else could go wrong?
  • (mutters) Windmill, monsters (mutters) power (stutters) re-election (whimpers).
  • (stutters) This is a catastrophe. A catastrophe I say (haws).

Uncle (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

(Lines spoken at any time.)

  • Oh, I do miss the open road...
  • Let's see, now where shall I go first?
  • So many places to see, and so little time.
  • Well in my day, you could walk the lands, without being assaulted by monsters!

(Lines spoken only prior to presenting ninety Precursor orbs.)

  • I need to set off on my journey soon. I need Precursor orbs!
  • I need more Precursor orbs.

Birdwatcher (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

  • Oh my, that's a pretty one.
  • Oh look, a mucky-muck.
  • Here, birdie birdie.

Sculptor (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt. Prior to completing "Return the muse to the Sculptor" only.)

  • Aw, man.
  • Ah I wish I had some inspiration.
  • I'm as inspired as... this rock.
  • I can't work like this.
  • Aw, man! She ever come back to me?
  • (groans) I just can't do it anymore.
  • Aw... Where is my muse?

Farmer (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

  • (snoring)
  • (snoring) Here Bessie, (snoring) here Bessie Bessie (snoring), that's a good girl.
  • (snoring) Gotta bring in the crops 'fore the june bugs get [here again].[a]

Sentinel BeachEdit

Samos Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Unblock the eco harvesters".)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Well, I see that you two have finally decided to unblock my collectors. I would offer my congratulations, but you have so much to do, I won't waste your time. By the way, if things don't work out, Daxter could always get a job controlling the village rat problem. (laughs)

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(After the pelican grabs the power cell.)
Daxter: Hey! That pelican just snagged a power cell! Let's go kick some big bird butt!

(Upon punching the pelican, causing it to spit out the power cell.)
Daxter: Quick, we have to get to the power cell before the pelican scoops it up again!

(After a strong box is destroyed by the lurker cannon, in succession.)

  • Alright, treasure!
  • Alright, more orbs!

(While jumping around the rocks blocking the eco harvesters above the eco vents.)
Daxter: Hey try punching the rocks to get 'm out of the way!

(After pushing the flut flut egg and not immediately going to the Birdwatcher.)
Daxter: Ehh, we might wanna talk to the Birdwatcher and see if we scrambled that flut flut egg.

(Upon walking around the poles in the flooded cave area.)
Daxter: Punch those poles up from below!

(Upon approaching the seagulls.)
Daxter: Hey, seagulls! Let's buzz 'm for kicks.

(Upon scaring them away.)
Daxter: (laughs) Let's do that again!

(Upon scaring them up when they gather again.)
Daxter: (cackles)

(Upon scaring them up when they gather a third time.)
Daxter: Woohoo!

(After the avalanche occurs.)
Daxter: Wow, they caused an avalanche! Let's check it out!

(Upon landing on the cannon tower.)
Daxter: Ooh, let's use the cannon to blow things up!

(Upon using the cannon.)
Daxter: Get some, get some! (laughs)

(Upon swimming around the pelican's perch.)
Daxter: Ahooga! Ahooga! Dive for those orbs Jak, dive!

Birdwatcher (in-game)Edit

(Upon approaching the egg, these lines will be triggered given that you have previously talked to the Birdwatcher.)

(Upon nearing the egg.)
Birdwatcher: Are you near the egg yet?

(While around the egg.)

  • Be careful, it doesn't look safe up there!
  • Do you see any other birds up there?
  • You must be a true animal lover!
  • Here birdie birdie.
  • Oh, here birdie birdie, here birdie birdie.
  • That's it, just a little further.
  • Come on, push the egg off the cliff.
  • Oh good now, push it, oh gently now!

(Upon hitting the egg, in succession.)

  • Oh my, that wasn't gentle.
  • Careful, easy does it!

(As the egg is falling.)
Birdwatcher: (exclaims)

(After the egg hits the ground.)
Birdwatcher: Good job! Now meet me down here by the egg.


Birdwatcher: Oh my, I hope the poor dear's okay. Here's a power cell for your valor.

Flut flut: Mamma! Mamma!

Daxter: No no! No, no, no, no!

Birdwatcher: Look... Isn't that cute? It thinks you're its mamma.

Daxter: (groans) I'm not your mom! You see any feathers here?!

Birdwatcher: Oh, love at first sight! Ah... Listen boys, I'll take this little chick back to the village with me and work with the Sage to take care of her.

Forbidden JungleEdit


Daxter: What do you have in the basket?

Fisherman: Nothin' to talk about. Them monsters patrolin' the ocean took a bite out of me fishin' rig! Now they're goblin' up me catch! No matter what I try, I can't seem to catch a single fish in this river!

Daxter: Whoo! Maybe... it's your breath!

Fisherman: Ya think you can do better?! Try scoopin' up river fish with a tiny net! I'll give ya a power cell if you can catch two hundred pounds o' 'dem critters! And I'll let you and shrimp here use my speedboat to get to Misty Island. Ya's want to try the challenge?

(Answer "No.")
Fisherman: Well, if ya want ta try for the power cell sometime, you know where to find me.

(Talk again.)
Fisherman: Want to try an' beat the river, do ya?

(Answer "Yes.")
Fisherman: There are two types of good fish to catch: one-pound fishies, and five-pound fishies. Heh. If you miss twenty pounds of good fish, then I'm gonna take me net back from ya! There are poisonous eels in this river. Catch even one of them buggers, and you'll poison the whole darn catch!

(Upon completion of "Catch 200 pounds of fish".)
Fisherman: Ya did it! You caught two hundred pounds of fish! Not bad for a couple of land lovers! Here's the power cell I promised, and you can use my boat at the village dock whenever ya like!

Fisherman (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt. After completion of "Catch 200 pounds of fish", the Fisherman will no longer say anything, and instead will continuously chortle in celebration.)

  • Them monsters that done bit me ship will drive me broke.
  • I 'member the big one that got away...
  • Darn fish... they never get in me net!
  • (growls) These darn fish, I never catch me a single one.
  • (oohs) I could use me a salted fish lips on rye.
  • (hums) I love the smell of fish in the mornin'.
  • Drat, these blighters! In me basket, darn fishies, come on yeah... (chuckles)
  • (growls in frustration)

(While playing the minigame.)

(Upon missing a fish.)

  • Missed.
  • Missed again!
  • Steady boy.
  • Looks like you could use a bigger net...

(Upon missing a five-pound fish.)

  • Don't miss one like that again!
  • Ya missed a jumbo, laddie!

(Sometimes when you miss one on the right.)

  • Right!
  • Right with ya!

(Sometimes when you miss one on the left.)

  • Left!
  • To the left!

(Sometimes when a five-pound fish approaches.)
Fisherman: Here comes a big one!

(Randomly during the game.)
Fisherman: Your sails are sagging in the wind, boy.

(Near the end.)
Fisherman: Hold steady! You're almost there.

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon using the bridge hanging over the Fisherman.)
Daxter: We should ask the Fisherman down by the jungle river if we can borrow his speedboat to zoom on over to Misty Island!

(Upon trying to go through the Precursor door hiding a power cell behind it.)
Daxter: We need to charge you up with that blue stuff to get this open.

(Upon walking around the lurker machine in Forbidden Jungle.)
Daxter: Let's get up on that machine and break the mirror diverting that Precursor beam.

(While next to the mirror but not attacking it.)
Daxter: Break the mirror Jak.

(Upon breaking the mirror blocking the blue eco beam.)
Daxter: Those tower doohickeys scattered all over the jungle must redirect the eco beam. Let's go fiddle with 'em!

(Upon using one of the tower devices.)
Daxter: Line up the beam by pointing it at the next tower.

(Upon connecting the beam to the second tower.)
Daxter: Hey! We can follow the beam to find the next tower.

(Upon connecting the beam to the third tower.)
Daxter: Let's go to the next tower and reconnect the beam there!

(Upon connecting the last blue eco beam.)
Daxter: We should go tell that windbag of a mayor that he owes us big time for connecting the village energy beam!

(While standing in front of the broken Precursor bridge while not channeling blue eco.)
Daxter: Hey, there's little lightning marks on those posts and there's lightning coming out of that vent over there. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

(While approaching the Precursor door at the Forbidden Temple after activating the Precursor bridge, but without channeling blue eco.)
Daxter: Hmm, if blue eco can build a bridge, then I bet it'll open a door! Let's get back and get you juiced up again.

(Upon approaching the Precursor door leading into the Forbidden Temple.)
Daxter: We need to get to the top of that tower!

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Find the blue vent switch".)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Wow! Did you see that? Blue eco vents have been activated all over the world! I knew there was a way to turn them on! There must be a way to activate the other eco vents as well.

Misty IslandEdit

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon entering Misty Island.)
Daxter: (whimpers) This place gives me the creeps! And trust me, it's a whole new experience when you're covered in fuzz!

(Upon jumping around aimlessly on a teeter-totter.)
Daxter: Jump, then dive, onto the teeter-totter.

(Upon approaching the area with the misty depths on the right side of Misty Island.)
Daxter: Don't fall into the mist below us! 'Cause I don't think we'll make it back.

(Upon approaching the muse.)
Daxter: Hey! I see the Sculptor's muse!

(Upon getting close enough to the giant rib bones, without knocking them down completely.)
Daxter: Knock over those bones!

(Upon using the A-Grav Zoomer.)
Daxter: Let's plow into those balloon lurkers and shred 'em!

(Upon hitting one of the mines.)
Daxter: I said... shred the lurkers, Jak... not the mines! Rule number one: always avoid the mines!

(Upon opening either of the Precursor doors leading to the silo.)
Daxter: Watch your back, we remember what happened the last time we were here?!

(Upon entering the dark eco silo's inner area.)
Daxter: It's an ambush, Jak! It's an ambush!

(Upon killing a lurker and red eco appears.)
Daxter: Get the red eco!

(Upon picking up some red eco, will also trigger upon picking up red eco outside the silo.)
Daxter: Red eco makes your attack stronger.

(Upon climbing the platforms leading to the dark eco pool from the intro.)
Daxter: This places gives me the willies! Let's keep you out of the ooze, okay?

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Destroy the balloon lurkers".)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Good! You stopped all the mine-dropping lurkers. They've been threatening the waters around our village for weeks. Bring your zoomer back at the trans-pad and I'll teleport it back!

Samos Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Stop the cannon".)
Samos Hagai (communicator): I have to admit, I'm impressed. You two didn't screw up! Now that the lurkers can't open that silo they can't flood the world with dark eco, and cause untold destruction. Wipe that ridiculous grin off your face, Daxter! The two of you have plenty to do! Get on with it!

Fire CanyonEdit

Keira HagaiEdit

Keira Hagai: Great! You have the twenty cells needed to power my heat shield! Now be careful. The shield will only protect your zoomer till it reaches five hundred degrees, so try to keep her cool. Flying over open lava will definitely heat you up fast. Hit five hundred degrees, and it's over.

Daxter: Over?! Like burning molten metal over?!

Keira Hagai: The Fire Canyon gets pretty hot, so keep a look out for jumps to keep you off the hot ground. I've also released several blue cooling balloons you can use to drop the shield's temperature quickly. Oh! And when you get across, don't forget to activate the teleport gate in the Blue Sage's lab. Then we'll be able to teleport over and meet you! Good luck!

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Randomly while driving through Fire Canyon.)
Daxter: Use the hop-turn to steer harder!

(Upon approaching a cooling balloon.)
Daxter: Hit those balloons to cool off!

(Upon bypassing a Precursor platform in Fire Canyon.)
Daxter: Ride on the raised Precursor stuff to keep us cool.

(Upon approaching the second lurker.)
Daxter: Ooh! See if we can catch air on those lurkers!

(Upon collecting the power cell at the end.)
Daxter: Wahoo! We made it!

Rock VillageEdit

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(While at Rock Village without activating the teleport gate.)

Keira Hagai (communicator)
  • Hey! We're still waiting! Turn on the teleport gate.
  • Hey! Don't forget about the Sage and me! You have to turn on the teleport gate to let us through! It's in the Blue Sage's lab by the end of Fire Canyon. If you don't let us through, then we can't help you!
  • Hey! We can't come through until the teleport gate's on.

Blue Sage's hutEdit

Samos Hagai: Woah! I don't think I'll ever get used to that teleporter tingling sensation. Hey! It looks like the Blue Sage threw a party!

Keira Hagai: Oh my! Rock Village is on fire!

Samos Hagai: One heck of a party!

Keira Hagai: No, no! I mean Rock Village is being bombarded with flaming boulders!

Keira Hagai: Oh! And it looks like the Blue Sage is working on a levitation machine to move them! Assuming it's operational, we're gonna need power cells to fuel it! I guess you two are going to have to find some more.

Samos Hagai: We'd better take a look at his notes. Jak, go check on the villagers, then come back and give us an update. And take the fur ball with you!

Samos HagaiEdit

Samos Hagai: Well, the situation here stinks worse than a lurker's armpit! Before Blue Sage's disappearance, he journaled significant trouble in all of the surrounding areas. Of particular interest to me is the dark eco infection of some innocent plants in the Precursor Basin. Keira will teleport your A-Grav Zoomer to the nearest trans-pad. Ride the zoomer to a green eco vent, and then carry the green eco to the corrupted plants. That should heal them. Don't miss a single plant, or the infected ones will slowly re-infect the healthy ones. And Daxter... start cleaning up in here! And don't forget the corners!

(Talk again without completing "Cure dark eco infected plants".)
Samos Hagai: My eyes must be deceiving me! Because I know that the two of you are deep in the Precursor Basin, saving the dark eco-infected plants!

(Talk again after completing "Cure dark eco infected plants" or "Raise the chamber".)
Samos Hagai: Well I hope you've packed a lunch, 'cause we're just getting started! According to the Blue Sage's notes, lurkers have infested the swamp across the bay. Apparently, they're planning to use a dirigible to lift an important Precursor artifact from the muck! You're going to have to get over there, to dislodge their tethers! Who knows what they might want with the artifact. But like orange stuff here's breath, it just can't be good!

(Talk again without completing "Break the tethers to the zeppelin".)
Samos Hagai: What are you doing back here already? I can see from the balcony that the Lurker dirigible is still floating above the swamp! You obviously haven't completed your task. Get moving!

Keira HagaiEdit

Keira Hagai: Apparently the Precursor structure just off the coast leads to an underwater lost city! The Blue Sage has been trying to figure out how we can bring one of the chambers to the surface, but he was never successful. You should check it out!

Daxter: Uh, aren't there a lot of um, lurker sharks in that water?

Keira Hagai: Why? Are you scared?

Daxter: Me? Of course not! Just lookin' out for Jak here. You uh, know what a chicken he can be.

Keira Hagai: Well, if you swim out over the coral reef I doubt the lurker sharks will bother you. They don't like shallow water.

(Talk again without completing "Raise the chamber".)
Keira Hagai: Did you swim out to the lost Precursor city yet? You should really try and raise the room the Blue Sage was after!

(Talk after visiting Precursor Basin, but without completing "Catch the flying lurkers", and without having completed "Push the flut flut egg off the cliff".)
Keira Hagai: Hey you two! I know where you can find another power cell! According to his notes, a couple of days ago flying lurkers stole one from the Blue Sage and flew off into the Precursor Basin! I'll bet you could run those lurkers down with your zoomer until you find the one with the power cell! You'll find the zoomer on the trans-pad near the entrance to the Precursor Basin.

(Talk again without completing "Catch the flying lurkers".)
Keira Hagai: I'll teleport your zoomer to you by the Precursor Basin, so you can chase down those flying Lurkers we were talking about.

(Talk again after completing "Raise the chamber". Note that this dialogue will not occur if you have not completed "Push the flut flut egg off the cliff".)

Keira Hagai: Back again, boys?

Daxter: Boy?! Hey babe, I'm a full grown, uh... somethin'... somethin' fuzzy.

Keira Hagai: Oh, guess what? With permission from our village birdwatcher, I've outfitted the baby flut flut with a riding saddle! It appears there's a Precursor trans-pad in the Boggy Swamp. If you can find it, I'll send you the flut flut in full riding regalia! Her long jump might come in handy when you're crossing the tar.

(Talk again without completing "Ride the flut flut".)
Keira Hagai: I'm sure the flut flut could be of use to you in the swamp. Find the trans-pad and I'll teleport her to you.

Second oracleEdit

Oracle: Beware of the dark light, for it has twisted the fate of one of you. Bring me one hundred and twenty Precursor orbs for each power cell I contain.

(Talk again without one hundred twenty Precursor orbs.)
Oracle: Present one hundred and twenty Precursors orbs, and a power cell will be your reward.

(Talk again with one hundred twenty Precursor orbs.)
Oracle: Here is another power cell for your quest.

(Talk again with an additional one hundred twenty Precursor orbs.)
Oracle: For your sacrifice, I offer you a power cell.


Geologist: You two look like a couple of capable fellows. I've got a research project going, and maybe you could help me out.

Daxter: Hey, we're the ones on a big quest here! We ask you for help!

Geologist: Well perhaps we can help each other. I've been studying the burrowing habits of lightning moles in the Precursor Basin next to our village for years. But now those awful lurkers have scared the moles to the surface! And since they're blind as bats, they can't find their way back underground! If you could herd them back into their burrowing tunnels, we might just save their lives. I've got a power cell that says you can do it.

Daxter: Yeah, lightning moles... We care. Maybe for two power cells!

Geologist: Nice try, but I would be willing to part with another power cell if you two find me ninety Precursor orbs for my research equipment. Fair enough?

(Talk again without completing "Herd the moles into their hole".)
Geologist: Did you herd those lightning moles back underground? You should hurry, the direct sunlight isn't good for them!

(Talking again after completing "Herd the moles into their hole".)
Geologist: Thank you for saving those moles, that's awfully good of you! Here's a power cell to help you out. Now I can get back to my research.

(Talk again without ninety Precursor orbs.)
Geologist: I need those orbs if I'm going to continue my research.

(Talk again with ninety Precursor orbs.)
Geologist: Oh, you have the orbs! Here's the power cell we agreed upon.


Warrior: Oh, my aching head.

Daxter: I doubt that's one of your vital organs! Walk it off, tough guy!

Warrior: Oh sure, I was tough once. Maybe even the toughest of them all! I single-handedly defended this village from those horrid creatures for almost a year! Then that horrible monster arrived and commenced the boulder bombardment. So, full of valor, armor shining in the sun, I climbed the hill to take him on!.. But he pounded me like one tenderizes a yakow steak.

Daxter: Have you tried attacking him with your melodrama? 'Cause it's killing me!

Warrior: After my last stunning failure, he sealed the passageway to his roost with a thirty-ton boulder, leaving no way for anyone to challenge him again. So, our sage, a master of blue eco, and a mechanical genius, devised a machine capable of lifting the boulder out of the way!.. But alas, he disappeared before we had a chance to turn it on. And he took all of his power cells with him. At least I was able to pull enough pontoons out of our bridge to prevent that monster from coming down here to do me harm.

Daxter: Yeah uh, good, good job tough guy. But uh, we're gonna need you to uh... put 'em back and stuff.

Warrior: Oh sure, and seal my doom?! (sigh) Alright, fine. Bring me ninety Precursor orbs and I'll let the pontoons loose. But I'm not going to fight that monster again!

(Talk again without ninety Precursor orbs.)
Warrior: Take all the time you want bringing me the Precursor orbs, I'm not looking to fix the pontoon bridge anytime soon.

(Talk again with ninety Precursor orbs.)
Warrior: Oh, wonderful. You brought me the Precursor orbs. Alright. I'll fix the bridge. But don't ask me to get involved with that creature again!


Gambler: Oh no, not another hero! I lost my shorts on this so-called hero's big fight against the monster up there! Trust me, the smart money's on the monster. That wager pretty much tapped me out! So's, I got a proposal. Bring me ninety orbs to get me back on my feet and out of this barrel, and I'll give you a power cell in return! And if you're game, I do have one more bet on line. My big comeback! Beat the record time racing Dead Man's Gorge in the Precursor Basin, and I'll get a pretty payoff! For that, I'll give you another power cell!

(Talk again without completing "Beat record time on the gorge".)
Gambler: Well, what are you waitin' for? This barrel's gettin' itchy! Beat the best time down Dead Man's Gorge and we'll both be winners!

(Talk again after completing "Beat record time on the gorge".)
Gambler: Oh, great moves kid! I knew that time record would fall! Now here's your power cell, and I can go collect my big payoff!

(Talk again without ninety Precursor orbs.)
Gambler: Hey, don't forget about those orbs I need. Ninety will get you one, one power cell that is.

(Talk again with ninety Precursor orbs.)
Gambler: (snickers) Oh yeah! These orbs'll help me win my way back outta this barrel! Here's the power cell I promised.

Samos Hagai (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

Samos Hagai
  • Hmmm.
  • No...
  • I see...
  • What could have happened to him?
  • The lurkers must be stopped.

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

Keira Hagai
  • Now, even with power cells, will we have enough power?
  • Now how did he get that levitator to work?

(Upon entering Rock Village's mainland.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Until we find out why the Blue Sage disappeared, you're going to need to collect forty-five power cells to fuel his machine. Go get 'em.

(Upon approaching the levitation machine without having forty-five power cells.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): You don't have enough power cells to power the Blue Sage's machine. We can't lift that boulder until you collect forty-five power cells.

Geologist (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

(Lines spoken at any time.)

  • Interesting.
  • Mm, interesting strata.
  • Mm, this stone is very old.
  • Nasty lurkers.
  • Rocks have feelings too.

(Lines spoken only after speaking to her the first time.)
Geologist: Good luck, boys.

(Lines spoken only prior to "Herd the moles into their hole".)

  • Poor little moles.
  • Hang in there, little ones.

(Lines spoken only prior to presenting ninety Precursor orbs.)
Geologist: I've got to get back to my research.

(Lines spoken only after presenting ninety Precursor orbs.)
Geologist: Now I can get back to my research.

Gambler (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

  • (snickers) I am gonna hit the jackpot next time!
  • Another day, another wager!
  • Aw, I need a lucky break.
  • Hey, twenty-to-one odds ain't so bad.
  • Oh, what are the odds of moving to a town under attack?
  • H-hey, what are you laughing at? Do I amuse you?
  • Aw it was a sure thing.
  • Heh, if I had an orb for every missed opportunity...
  • Hey, barrels could come back in style.
  • I thought I had a good tip.
  • Huh-hoh, I should cash out and move on.
  • Eh, sometimes you just can't win.
  • I bet no one can take on that monster.

Precursor BasinEdit

Samos Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Cure dark eco infected plants".)
Samos Hagai (communicator): You keep on impressing me! But then maybe it's just because I've got low expectations. Okay! Your moment of gloating is over. Get on with it!

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Catch the flying lurkers".)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Good flying! Those lurkers were no match for your zoomer! That's one more power cell.

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon approaching a robber.)
Daxter: That's one of those flying lurkers! He might have a power cell!

(Upon flying over the infected plants.)
Daxter: Those must be the infested plants old log noggin was talking about.

(After continuing to fly over the infected plants without green eco.)
Daxter: We have to use green eco to cure those plants.

(Upon completion of "Herd the moles into their hole".)
Daxter: Let's go get our power cell from the Geologist.

(Upon starting "Navigate the purple Precursor rings".)
Daxter: One ring down, a bunch to go!

(Upon failing "Navigate the purple Precursor rings".)
Daxter: Quick! You gotta fly through each ring before they turn off.

(Upon starting "Navigate the blue Precursor rings".)
Daxter: Hurry, there's the next ring!

(Upon completion of "Beat record time on the gorge".)
Daxter: Wooh, we beat the record time!

Lost Precursor cityEdit

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon touching a hot pipe more than once for the first time.)
Daxter: How about we take it easy on those hot pipes!

(While futilely attacking the bottom duo lurker.)
Daxter: Kick the little guy on the top!

(Upon starting one of the "Follow the colored pipes" challenges.)
Daxter: Quick! Follow that pipe!

(Upon using an aerial spin kick on a bully.)
Daxter: Hey! It looks like you could jump-dive onto those guys!

(After failing to complete or attempt "Match the platform colors".)
Daxter: Uhh, I think we have to switch on all those platforms or somethin'.

(After a while when not actively attempting to charge the blue eco devices prior to "Raise the chamber".)
Daxter: It looks like those things need a blue eco charge!

(Upon failing to charge them all at once.)
Daxter: I'll bet we can get all of those things charged at once!

(Upon obtaining the power cell after "Reach the bottom of the city".)
Daxter: I got a bad feeling about this... Jak! Run! The dark eco is rising!

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Raise the chamber".)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Wow! You raised a piece of the underwater ruins to the surface! It seems you can use eco in ways we've never seen before. A power cell surfaced with the room—climb up there and get it!

Boggy SwampEdit

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon firing a fireball with yellow eco.)
Daxter: Wow! You can shoot fireballs when you're powered up with yellow eco.

(Upon getting hit by a swamp bat.)
Daxter: Maybe we can duck the bats.

(Upon punching a swamp rat nest.)
Daxter: Shoot those rat nests to stop the rats from coming out.

(After a kermit lands his tongue onto Jak.)
Daxter: (screams) Break the tongue's grip!

(After a kermit lands his tongue onto Jak a second time.)
Daxter: Run away Jak!

(Upon approaching one of the tethered boulders without shooting them.)
Daxter: We should shoot those big boulders holding the tether.

(Upon breaking the first tether.)
Daxter: Did you see that? Only three more tethers to go!

(Upon breaking the second tether.)
Daxter: Wow! Only two more tethers.

(Upon breaking the third tether.)
Daxter: That dirigible's barely hanging on. Let's find the last tether!

(Upon entering the "Defeat the lurker ambush" area.)
Daxter: Look out Jak, it's an ambush!

(Upon approaching the flut flut.)
Daxter: Hey! There's the flut flut!

(Randomly during "Protect Farthy's snacks".)
Daxter: Get some, get some! (laughs)

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Ride the flut flut". Note that this happens whether you use the flut flut or complete the mission on foot.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Good work! Aren't you guys happy you saved our little flut flut friend? She may come in handy again sometime! Now, go back to the trans-pad, and I'll bring her home.

Boggy BillyEdit

Boggy Billy: Howdy, friends! Enjoyin' my beautiful swamp? I own these here parts. Everything that doesn't sink into the mud, that is! (laughs)

Daxter: Judging by the smell, I'd wager your bathtub sank in the mud long ago.

Boggy Billy: What's a bathtub? Anyway, I got bigger problems now. Seems some nasty lurker varmints are grousin' abouts snatchin' everything they can get their grubby little paws on. And scared away my pet hip-hog, Farthy. He's been missin' for nigh on to a coon's age! Now I've been puttin' out his favorite snack, but those ornery swamp rats keeps stealin' 'em! If you could keep them pesky critters away long enough, I just know Farthy would smell them vittles and come back! Will you help me out?

(Answer "No.")
Boggy Billy: Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me. (laughs)

(Talk again.)
Boggy Billy: Oh, y'all back to help stop them rats?

(Answer "Yes".)
Boggy Billy: Good! Those rats will be back any time. Shoot all 'dem rats! Keep 'em from eatin' at least one of them snacks!

(Upon completion of "Protect Farthy's snacks".)
Boggy Billy: Well fry my hide! You sure know how to shoot! Thanks a heap for the help!

Boggy Billy (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

(Lines spoken at any time.)

Boggy Billy
  • Darn swamp rats.
  • [Mm-mm.] I just love the mud.
  • I need me some summer coolant.
  • I need me some brown medicine.
  • I need a good drop of mamma's medicine.
  • Darn this heat's givin' me the pricklies.
  • Sooie! Sooie!
  • Sooie-sooie-sooie!
  • Sooie-sooie-sooie-sooie!
  • Gladiola.

(Lines spoken only prior to completing "Protect Farthy's snacks".)

  • Farthy!
  • Darn... This heat's giving me a rash.

(Lines spoken only during "Protect Farthy's snacks".)

Boggy Billy
  • Get 'em!
  • Got 'em.
  • Yeehaw!
  • [Aw,] dang!
  • Nice shot!
  • Don't stop!
  • Over there!
  • [A] rat got a snack.
  • And another...
  • Only one left...

Samos Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Break the tethers to the zeppelin".)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Good work Jak, your uncle would be proud. That was a giant arm from a Precursor robot. I've never seen one in such good condition. I can't imagine what the lurkers wanted with it, but we sure wouldn't want them to get it. If you keep this success up... Nah, you'll still fall short of hero. But keep trying, it's endearing.

Levitation machineEdit

Keira HagaiEdit

Keira Hagai: Great! You have the cells for the machine! They ought to provide enough power to lift that boulder!

Keira Hagai: There we go! Now, be careful facing that monster lurker at the top!

Daxter: Wait! Uh. I'll stay here and protect Keira. Jak, I think you're ready to handle that monster without me.

Keira Hagai: Oh, really heroic of you.

Mountain PassEdit

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(Upon completion of "Defeat Klaww".)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Great work! The people of Rock Village are breathing a collective sigh of relief. But there's no time to celebrate. Use your zoomer to navigate the Mountain Pass up ahead. Be careful—it looks like the lurkers have rigged the whole pass with explosives. When you reach the Volcanic Crater be sure to visit the Red Sage's lab, and activate the teleport gate so that Father and I can join you.

(Upon starting "Reach the end of Mountain Pass".)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Oh my! Those lurkers must be headed for a detonator at the end of the canyon! If they reach it before you do they'll blow up the entire pass! You gotta beat them there and destroy the detonator, or it's all over!

(Upon completion of "Reach the end of Mountain Pass".)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Good work; you beat them to the detonator. The Red Sage's lab is just ahead. Go turn on the teleport gate so we can join you.

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(After killing the plunger lurker near the end of "Reach the end of Mountain Pass".)
Daxter: We did it! We stopped them from blowing up the pass!

Volcanic CraterEdit

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(While inside the Red Sage's hut without activating the teleport gate.)

Keira Hagai (communicator)
  • Don't forget to turn on the teleport gate to let us through. You've got to go into the Red Sage's lab in the center of the Volcanic Crater and turn it on. We can't come through it until it's back online.
  • Hey! We can't come through until the teleport gate's on.
  • Hey, we're still back in Rock Village, turn on the teleport gate!
  • We want to join you in the Volcanic Crater, go into the Red Sage's lab and turn on the gate.

Red Sage's hutEdit

Samos Hagai: Ow! I always wonder if I'm losing body parts in those things!

Samos Hagai: Holy yakow! The Red Sage's lab looks worse than the Blue's!

Keira Hagai: Well it definitely looks as though there's been a struggle here.

Gol Acheron: (laughs) I'd hardly call it "struggle", would you, dear sister?

Maia Acheron: Certainly not. The Red Sage gave up with so little effort. No fun at all.

Samos Hagai: Gol? Is that you? You've finally gone off the deep end, eh? And Maia, I told you the dark eco would affect you both! (grunts) Nobody ever listens to old Samos... What have you two done with the Blue and Red Sages?!

Gol Acheron: Don't worry about your colorful friends, you old fool! They're perfectly safe at our citadel... our special guests.

Maia Acheron: They have graciously agreed to help us on a little project.

Gol Acheron: You were wrong, Samos. Dark eco can be controlled! We've learned its secrets. And now we can re-shape the world to our liking!

Samos Hagai: You can't control dark eco by itself! Even the Precursors—...

Maia Acheron: Until now, we've had to scrape by with what little dark eco we could find near the surface. But soon, we will have access to the vast stores of dark eco hidden deep underground.

Samos Hagai: Not the silos!

Gol Acheron: Yes, the silos! They will be opened, and all the dark eco of the world will be ours!

Samos Hagai: But that's impossible! Only a Precursor robot—...

Maia Acheron: Oh, don't look so upset, Samos. We've got big plans for you... (laughs)

Daxter: Wait a minute! That was Gol?! The same Gol who's supposed to change me back?! Gol is the guy trying to kill us?! I'm doomed.

Samos Hagai: We may all be doomed! If they open the silos, the dark eco will twist and destroy everything it touches! We simply must get to their citadel to stop them!

Keira Hagai: The fastest way there is through the Lava Tube at the bottom of this crater. A few more power cells and your zoomer's heat shield should get you across the lava safely.

Samos Hagai: All right my boy! You know what to do! Take the fleabag and go round up more power cells.

Samos HagaiEdit

Samos Hagai: Great balls of eco! There seems to be a large lurker presence in the Spider Caves!

Daxter: Great. Sounds like a real cheery place. Let me guess... there are spiders in the Spider Caves, right?!

Samos Hagai: Of course there are spiders in Spider Caves! But that's the least of your problems! The lurkers are after crystals of concentrated dark eco. You've got to destroy the crystals before those monsters get their hands on them! Hop to it!

(Talk again without completing "Destroy the dark eco crystals".)
Samos Hagai: You have to destroy the dark eco crystals in Spider Caves!

(Talk again after completing "Destroy the dark eco crystals".)
Samos Hagai: I'm glad you two are here. There's lurker movement in the mountains. Apparently they've discovered, and are now trying to remove, some dark eco stores frozen in the glaciers. While you're up there poking around for power cells, stop those lurkers and keep a little more dark eco out of Gol's hands!

(Talk again without completing "Stop the 3 lurker glacier troops".)
Samos Hagai: We can't let the lurkers get their hands on the dark eco canisters. Get up to those snowy peaks and stop them!

Keira HagaiEdit

Keira Hagai: Hey guys! Keep collecting power cells. They're the key to continuing our journey north!

Samos Hagai (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

(Lines spoken at any time.)

Samos Hagai
  • This isn't good.
  • Could he actually have..?
  • What is Gol planning?
  • Mm, dark eco's powers cannot be controlled!
  • Maia and Gol have gotten in over their heads.
  • Dark eco in the glaciers?
  • Ah, there's lurker troops in the mountains.

(Lines spoken only prior to "Destroy the dark eco crystals".)

Samos Hagai
  • Dark eco crystals?

Keira Hagai (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

Keira Hagai
  • A-hah.
  • Oh my!
  • Hm.
  • Huh, the heat shield's going to need even more power to withstand the lava.
  • Ugh, we've got to save the other sages.
  • (sighs) What are Gol and Maia up to?
  • Huh, we've got to get to Precursor city.

(Upon approaching the gondola without having collected two power cells after viewing the cutscene in the Red Sage's hut.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): This gondola seems to be malfunctioning. I'll try to work on it and get it running again.

(Upon approaching the gondola after completing the aforementioned requirement.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): I've reactivated the gondola, it can take you to Snowy Mountain! Use it whenever you want.

(Upon approaching the minecarts.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): Hey guys, by my calculations it's going to take seventy-two power cells to fuel the heat shield against the lava on the way to Gol and Maia's citadel.

(Upon entering Lava Tube without seventy-two power cells.)
Keira Hagai (communicator): You don't have enough power cells to get through this lava. You can't get through to Gol and Maia's citadel until you've collected seventy-two power cells.

Third oracleEdit

Oracle: Seek the pure light, for within its flame, the answers reside. You can gain my power cells by bringing one hundred and twenty Precursor orbs for each.

(Talk again without one hundred twenty Precursor orbs.)
Oracle: You must bring one hundred and twenty Precursor orbs to me for each power cell I contain.

(Talk again with one hundred twenty Precursor orbs.)
Oracle: You have obtained another power cell.

(Talk again with an additional one hundred twenty Precursor orbs.)
Oracle: For your effort, a power cell is the reward.

Gordy and WillardEdit

Willard: Hey, Gordy! Duh, I think we gots visitors!

Gordy: Ya think, Willard? Howdy, strangers uh, passin' through? U-us too! Well, we gotta be movin' on, nothin' to see here!

Willard: Duh, I thought you said this was a "priceless gem" worth—...

Gordy: Willard!

Daxter: Actually, we want power cells, not gems.

Willard: We got four of 'em! Duh, you want 'em?

Gordy: What bird-brain here is trying to say is: We may have a few power cells laying around, and we might be willing to part with them for... ninety orbs each!

Daxter: Where have I heard that before? Hey, how do you two geniuses expect to get that big gem out of here, anyway?

Gordy: Well, smarty-pants, we got twelve more years of diggin' to figure that out!

Willard: Uh, Gordy? Wouldn't it take less time if you dug too?

(Talk again without ninety Precursor orbs. They will also repeat this dialogue while idling prior to trading for all their power cells.)

Willard: Duh, Gordy?

Gordy: Ninety orbs a power cell, Willard!

(Talk again without ninety Precursor orbs.)

Gordy: Don't forget our deal: bring us one hundred orbs.

Willard: Duh, you said ninety.

Gordy: Willard! Fine. Ninety orbs a power cell.

(Talk again with ninety Precursor orbs. This dialogue is repeated upon the second and third trade.)
Gordy: Oh, alright already! Here's a power cell for those orbs of yours.

(Talk again with ninety Precursor orbs for the fourth time.)

Willard: Oh! Oh! I got it this time! Here's a... Here's a...

Gordy: ...a power cell!

Willard: Yeah, yeah... what he said.

Gordy: That's it! You've cleaned us out! No—more—power—cell!

(Talk again after paying three hundred sixty orbs.)

Gordy: Why don't you two make yourselves useful? Lurkers have been excavatin' the dark caves over there. Seems they're looking for Precursor artifacts. They can have the artifacts for all I care!

Willard: For all we care!

Gordy: Willard, feed your bird. All I care about are gems! I ain't gonna be able to get the cave's gems! 'Cause when they're through, they're gonna collapse the place! If you take out the lurkers chewin' at the support beams, you could save the cave for me! Now beat it!

(Talk again without completing "Use your goggles to shoot the gnawing lurkers".)
Gordy: Would you take care of those lurkers chewin' at the dark cave support beams, already?! Those beams can't take that kind of abuse forever!

(Talk again after completing "Use your goggles to shoot the gnawing lurkers".)

Willard: Pst! Guys, duh, Birdie and I was exploring a cave you'd like, it was filled with pretty orange metal and hidden real good behind some trees in the Snowy Mountains. I told Gordy but he just yelled at me for not digging—...

Gordy: Why aren't you digging?!

Willard: I'm sorry.

(Talk again without finding the cave.)

Willard: Did you find the cave behind them trees in the Snowy Mountains? Yeah, I'm gonna go there soon to hide from Gordy 'cause he's yelling at me again...

Gordy: Willard!

Gordy and Willard (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but outside the radius of the "Press Circle to talk." prompt.)

  • Easy street, here I come!
  • I'm gonna be rich!
  • (laughs) I'm gonna be rich!
  • I'll be the richest man in the world! (cries)
  • (cries) Nobody's ever seen a gem this size! (cries)
  • (cries) I can't wait to cash this baby in. (cries)
  • My gems—all my gem!
  • Now wait a minute. They're all mine! Mine I tell ya!
  • This looks like a rare crystite zarklonia![b]
  • Dig! Dig! Dig!
  • Willard, work harder, not smarter!
  • So Willard, what are you gonna do with your quarter of your half?
  • (screams)
  • Uh, I'm hungry.
  • I love my little birdie.
  • Duh, are we almost done?
  • Gee, that's an awfully big gem!
  • Uh gee, can we take a break?
  • Duh, I always wanted to be a lumberjack.
  • (laughs) Birdie is my best friend.
  • Duh, I think Birdie's cage needs cleaning.
  • Duh, Gordy promised me half of whatever I could carry!

(One of their conversations.)

Willard: Duh, Gordy, I need a sharper pick.

Gordy: What you need is a sharper wit!

(One of their conversations.)

Willard: I'm starving, Gordy!

Gordy: Eat your bird!

(One of their conversations.)

Gordy: Dig Willard, dig!

Willard: Yeah, but you're not digging!

Gordy: That's cause I'm doing the thinking!

(One of their conversations.)

Willard: Duh, Gordy, can I take a break?

Gordy: Oh I'll break something alright. Now dig!

(One of their conversations.)

Gordy: One of these days I'll be rich.

Willard: You mean we'll be rich.

Gordy: Yeah, whatever.

Spider CaveEdit

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon missing a shot with yellow eco.)
Daxter: Maybe you can shoot better if you aim through your goggles.

(Upon touching a dark eco crystal.)
Daxter: Run away! That crystal's gonna blow!

(Upon completing "Destroy the dark eco crystals".)
Daxter: I think that was the last dark eco crystal.

(Progressively as you hit a crystal and then let it dim.)

  • Hit a crystal to get some light.
  • Don't let the lights go out!

(Upon entering the spider's nest.)
Daxter: I think we're in a spider's nest here.

(Upon exiting the spider nest via the launcher.)
Daxter: Let's get outta here!

Snowy MountainEdit

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon hitting an ice lurker while its spikes are out.)
Daxter: Hit him when his spikes are in!

(Upon attempting to kill a glacier troop without red eco.)
Daxter: Maybe red eco can defeat this guy!

(Upon approaching the Lurker fort without completing "Open the Lurker fort gate".)
Daxter: How do we get inside this fort?

Lava TubeEdit

Keira HagaiEdit

Keira Hagai: (laughs) Alright! With these additional power cells, I should be able to supply the heat shield with enough power to stand up to this lava! But the shield still has a limit. It will now withstand temperatures up to eight hundred degrees, but no more, so keep an eye on your gauge. I don't want to think about what those temperatures would do to your zoomer if the shield gives out.

Daxter: Yeah, the heat... What?! The zoomer?! Hey! What about us?! Don't you think we could look for a safer route to Gol's citadel?

Keira Hagai: Look, I've released more cooling balloons into the tube. So you can use them to keep the temperature down. And don't forget to activate the teleport gate in the Yellow Sage's lab. We're counting on you!

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Once inside the power sphere room, prior to shooting a power sphere.)
Daxter: Shoot the power spheres to open the door!

(Upon destroying all the power spheres.)
Daxter: The door's open, let's get going!

Gol and Maia's citadelEdit

Keira HagaiEdit

Daxter: Hey! Where's old short, green, and wrinkly?

Keira Hagai: This is terrible! Father is missing! I think Gol and Maia may have kidnapped him as well!

Daxter: Relax, sweetheart. I got everything under control.

Keira Hagai: Under control?! Lurker armies continue to grow across the land, the sages have been kidnapped, Gol and Maia have gathered enough eco to complete their terrible plan, and to stop them you're going to have to fight your way through their Citadel!

Daxter: Uh... yeah. That about uh, sums it up.

Keira Hagai: You've got to rescue my father before it's too late! And Jak? Be careful.

Daxter: Yeah, we will be!

Samos HagaiEdit

Samos Hagai: It's about time you two decided to show up!

Daxter: Nice to see you, too! Do they have you mopping the floors now?

Samos Hagai: There is no time for jokes, Daxter! Gol and Maia kidnapped us to sap our energies to power their abominable machine! It appears they have combined the functional remains of a Precursor robot with scavenged artifacts from across the land. Then they added a few diabolical additions of their own, creating the one thing capable of opening the dark eco silos! If you can free the four of us, we can use our combined powers to break the force shield surrounding the robot before they use it to destroy the world!

Yellow SageEdit

Yellow Sage: Who woulda' thought I'd live to see the day when I needed to be rescued by a boy and his muskrat! (sighs) I'm gonna give Gol and Maia a little payback for these embarrassments! Then we'll see about cookin' up some muskrat stew.

Daxter: (gulps)

Blue SageEdit

Blue Sage: Good work, fellows! Old Samos was right about you! Great piles of Precursor metal! That insidious mechanical creation must not be allowed to wreak its terrible havoc! I will try to actuate the shield door by eliciting a conduit of energy between myself and the vast portal below!

Daxter: Uh, yeah. You do that. We'll uh... just go find more help. Weirdo!

Red SageEdit

Red Sage: (laughs) You've finally come to rescue! Do you know how long I've been in here? What took you so long? (laughs) What are your names?

Daxter: I'm Daxter! He's Jak. He's with me.

Red Sage: Good job, Daxter! You're a real hero! You've got to stop Gol from launching the robot! I'll use my eco power to help open the shield door.

Daxter (in-game)Edit

(Upon approaching a sage without breaking the generator. Note this is not replicable if you've already previously broken a generator.)
Daxter: Break the generator to free the Sage!

(Upon using the first launcher.)
Daxter: Land on the next launcher!

(Upon using another launcher.)
Daxter: Don't miss the next launcher!

(Upon encountering the swarm of citadel bunnies.)
Daxter: We got company Jak! Lotsa' lurkers!

(Upon killing all the lurkers.)
Daxter: The door's open, let's get going!

(After freeing the Red, Blue, and Yellow Sages.)
Daxter: Let's go climb up those platforms.

Yellow Sage (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but before freeing the Yellow Sage.)

Yellow Sage
  • When I get outta here some shooting is gonna start!
  • Hey, get me outta here!
  • Time is running out!

Blue Sage (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but before freeing the Blue Sage.)

Blue Sage
  • A bit of help would be good!
  • Huh, quite an enigma we're facing.
  • Oh, this is a fine mess.

Red Sage (in-game)Edit

(While within hearing range but before freeing the Red Sage.)

Red Sage
  • Well...
  • Is anybody there?
  • What kept you?

Samos HagaiEdit

Samos Hagai: Good work, boys! You're real heroes now! I'll combine my green eco power with the other three sages, and together we'll open the shield door surrounding the Precursor robot!

Daxter: Yeah yeah, that sounds like a good start! And then after you guys open the shield, what are you going to do about the robot?

Samos Hagai: Nothing, Daxter. We have to keep the shield open. It's up to you two to figure out how to destroy the robot!

Daxter: Oh great... I get to help the guy, that turned me into a furball, destroy the only person who can turn me back! (gulps)

Samos Hagai: First, save the world! Then we'll try to convince Gol to help Daxter!

Gol Acheron: You're too late, Samos! Once I possess limitless dark eco, I will have the key to creation itself!

Samos Hagai: This is madness! Releasing that much dark eco will destroy everything we know! Just look what it's done to you!

Maia Acheron: It has given us a beauty beyond anything you could understand!

Daxter: "Beauty"?! Have you two looked in the mirror lately?!

Maia Acheron: Just wait until we open the silos, little one. You think short and fuzzy is bad.

Gol Acheron: And to think, you two traveled all this way for my help... Fools! Enjoy your front-row seats to the recreation of the world!

Samos Hagai: Jak! Take the elevator up and stop that robot!

Dark eco siloEdit

Gol and Maia (in-game)Edit

(While approaching and fighting Gol and Maia's Precursor robot.)

Gol Acheron
  • It's too late!
  • Soon the dark eco will be ours!
  • (laughs)
Maia Acheron
  • We'll open the silo all the way and destroy you two!
  • (laughs)

(Upon damaging the robot, either of these can occur.)

Gol Acheron: (screams)

Maia Acheron: (screams)

(Upon destroying the robot's eye.)
Gol Acheron: What? Them again?!

(When the robot fires a large bomb, either of these can occur.)

Maia Acheron: Eco won't protect you now.

Gol Acheron: No mercy!

(After avoiding a large-scale bomb.)
Gol Acheron: You just won't give up, will you?

(While the robot is attacking.)

Gol Acheron
  • Stand still!
  • You are mine!
  • I have you now!
  • Finish them!
  • Fire!
  • Blast them!
  • (laughs)
Maia Acheron
  • Take them out!
  • Finish them both off once and for all!
  • (laughs)

(When Jak is hit.)

Gol Acheron
  • Pathetic!
  • Take that!

(After light eco appears.)
Gol Acheron: We're not gonna take it!

Gol and MaiaEdit

Gol Acheron: Light eco! It does exist!

Maia Acheron: They must not be allowed to get it!

Daxter: Light eco! That could be the stuff to change me back! Or... it might stop that robot. Stay fuzzy, save the world. Choices. Okay, fine! We'll save the world. But do it quickly, before I change my mind!

(After picking up light eco, the cutscene continues.)

Maia Acheron: Do something!

Jak: (shouts)

Gol Acheron: (screams)


Samos Hagai: Well, it looks may have been too hard on you boys! You do have what it takes to be heroes!

Keira Hagai: But, Daxter... now we can't change you back.

Daxter: Don't worry about me, baby! You know what they say: Big things come in small packages!

Blue Sage: Jak, you have an incredible talent for channeling eco! Samos, you may have been right about this one after all!

Red Sage: And Keira, without your help and ingenuity none of this would have been possible. (chuckles) Perhaps we've found another sage, now that Gol and Maia are lost.

Samos Hagai: Yes, Gol and Maia... the dark eco probably destroyed them. Eh, probably...

Daxter: Ah, who cares?! Bring 'em on, we can take 'em again, right Jak? I said, right, Jak?!

Daxter: Woah! Put it on ice, big guy!

Secret endingEdit

Samos Hagai: Holy yakow! What could that be?

Keira Hagai: Wow! It's an ancient Precursor door! It looks like it will only open if we fill all one hundred holes with power cells!

(If you don't have a hundred power cells.)

Daxter: Oh boy... here we go again!

(If you already have a hundred power cells, the scene changes.)

Daxter: Uh, we're heroes, remember? We have a hundred power cells!

Daxter: Wow! What is it?!

Keira Hagai: It's so beautiful...

Samos Hagai: By the Precursors...

Daxter (in-game)Edit

Non-location specificEdit

(Upon breaking the first locked box outside of Geyser Rock.)
Daxter: Hey! It looks like scout flies are always in red boxes!

(Upon approaching an orb cache for the first time.)
Daxter: What a weird looking thing! I'll bet we can get this open if you power up with that zappy blue eco stuff.

(Upon collecting a power cell from the last scout fly for the first time outside of Geyser Rock.)
Daxter: Alright! You found all the scout flies in this area.

(Upon collecting your first ninety Precursor orbs.)
Daxter: We scrounged enough orbs to trade for a power cell. Let's get back and make the switch already!

(Upon walking over a launcher while not channeling blue eco for the first time.)
Daxter: Yeah, so we got a Precursor launcher here, but you aren't powered up with the blue stuff—so it ain't gonna help us!

(Upon first using a launcher.)
Daxter: (cackles)

(Upon hitting a locked box and taking the scout fly inside.)
Daxter: There's scout flies out here too!

(Upon hitting a 2×2 stack of dark eco boxes, Daxter will make each remark in succession.)

  • Do me a favor and keep away from those dark eco boxes!
  • Trust me, those dark eco boxes are bad news!
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: avoid the dark eco boxes!
  • You are trying to avoid those dark eco boxes, right?!
  • (screams) Maybe I should drive!

Death dialogueEdit

(When Jak dies and lands on his back, Daxter will sometimes face the camera from Jak's point of view and say any of the following dialogue.)

  • Say good night, Jak.
  • Well, uh, better you than me.
  • Don't worry, I'll avenge you! Not.
  • Hey Jak! Can I have your insect collection?
  • I was right behind you, Jak! Really. I was.
  • While you're down there, ah, can you rub my feet?
  • That looks like it hurt; should I call for backup?
  • Heimlich?! Stretcher?! (sniffs) Elgh... Breath mint?
  • Don't step into the light, Jak, don't step into the light!
  • Step one: Stay alive. Step two: Think about not doing something like that again!
  • I'll say something really teary at the funeral, like: How am I going to get changed back now?!


  1. The Farmer mumbles and snores off before he finishes the bracketed part of the sentence. Furthermore, there is a second version of this line wherein he stops at "june".
  2. There is no such thing as "crystite zarklonia" and thus no proper spelling. The spelling indicated here is determined phonetically.

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