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Defend HQ from attack is a mission in Jak 3. Shortly after Jak entered the Freedom HQ the KG Death Bots launched an attack on it using new KG robot transports, Jak had to destroy three of them to defend the HQ.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of this mission are related to a trophy named "The Best Defense", completing this mission will reward you with a bronze trophy.


At the beginning there is only one transport ship flying around the square in front of the HQ, though two more appear if it is destroyed. These ships are equipped with a multi-missile launcher from which it will fire several missiles at once at you and your surroundings, forcing you to get out of there quickly. It also has a laser fitted on the bottom which can fire four lasers in one direction each, where after it will start spinning around; the only the way to avoid these is to find cover or jump over each beam. Lastly it also drops spydroids, sentinels and roboguards every so often.

The soldiers will deal with the enemies most of the time, so concentrate on using your own weapons to destroy the targets. Despite common assumption, the ships do actually have a weak spot. They each have four 'generators' (they look like tubes with electricity running through them) on the bottom corner of their body, shoot these each a couple of times to bring it down. There is no need to bombard it with Plasmite RPG shots or Peace Maker charges, while they will hurt it they are not very effective.

The Gyro Burster and the Needle Lazer are the weapons of choice this time, the former is certain to hit at least two of the generators due to its rapid automatic fire and the latter is even better since the bullets can fly around the KG robot transport and hit that one generator that is just out of reach.

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