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The swamp rat[1][2] is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy. They appeared to be mutated rats while bearing lurker traits, dwelling in the poisonous mud of Boggy Swamp. They spawn from nests which have the appearance of small trees.

Swamp rat nest

A swamp rat nest

They are small, red-orange rats having beady yellow eyes and appendages growing over their jawline typical to all lurkers. They also bear metal collars which all lurkers, with the exception of a few, wear.

These lurkers are incredibly weak, possibly the weakest, and are not hard to evade. However, they spawn in sometimes incredibly large groups, and having multitudes of these swamp rats attack, with the addition to other hazards such as dark eco boxes, swamp thorns, and other lurkers, can be a nuisance. During the mission "Protect Farthy's snacks", Jak must defeat these enemies by channeling yellow eco excessively in order to defend Farthy's snacks in hopes of it coming back to its owner, Boggy Billy.


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