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Stop the 3 lurker glacier troops was a mission that Jak and Daxter completed to obtain a power cell in The Precursor Legacy. A task given by Samos Hagai wherein Jak stopped the Lurkers from breaking through the ice and obtaining the dark eco barrels trapped inside.

After the defeat of one glacier troop the mission was temporarily renamed to Stop the 2 lurker glacier troops, after the defeat of another it was subsequently renamed to Stop the last lurker glacier troop.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of this mission are related to a trophy named "It's Cold Out Here", completing this mission will reward you with a silver trophy.


There are three lurker glacier troops spread throughout Snowy Mountain, each of them operating an ice driller and accompanied by some yetis and snow bunnies. To fight the glacier troop itself you'll need to kill the nearby lurkers which causes it to come down and fight you directly. It will block normal melee attacks, so as stated by Daxter it is required you look for a nearby red eco vent and use it to break its shield and subsequently kill it.

The glacier troops are located as follows;

  • From the start of the level continue across the gap and head left through the pass filled with large snowballs. There's a red eco vent at the end here to the right with the glacier troop on the left.
  • Backtrack to the start of the level and instead directly forwards into the ice cave, pass through it past the snow and the lurkers as well as crossing the ice lake. There'll be another glacier troop with accompanying lurkers right here past the rock wall on the left. The red eco vent is practically on the ice lake.
  • The last one is located underground. Head towards the lurker fort and turn out while facing it, walk towards the bridge and jump down. here turn around again and you'll see another red eco vent and a number of platforms along the cliff wall heading right. Use these to get down and reach a small opening with the last glacier troop.
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