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Static mines refers to a system of racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing comprising the magno-mines and its dark eco variant the land mine. Each weapon allows you to deploy one mine or more that will detonate upon some specific condition, each lasting 40 seconds after they are deployed. The mines do not differentiate between enemies and yourself, therefore you could find yourself harmed by your own mine if you are able to complete a lap within that amount of time.


Although the two defensive weapons fall under the same red eco pick-up, they are each very different in appearance and functionality. The only common feature in appearance between the two is a blinking purple light on top.

The default version of the weapon launches three magno-mines at a time, which are spherical with several spikes and magnetically latch on to nearby race cars, detonating seconds later. If only one mine latches on to a vehicle, the other two will detonate when the first one does.

Land mine

The land mine.

The dark eco version, however, launches a single land mine that will destroy race cars immediately upon contact (unless the car has considerably high armor). Furthermore, the land mine does not latch on to vehicles, but rather sits and waits for a vehicle to drive over it. It also looks a lot different than the magno-mines, being cylindrical (opposed to spherical) in shape with a checkered-pattern design and no spikes.


Static mine icons

The magno-mines icon (left) and land mine icon (right).

If you find yourself the victim of the magno-mines, simply bump into an object or use your jump jets to try to shake them off (notably reminiscent of the pod spiders from Jak 3). Considering how easily they can be shaken off, the best use they have are as deterrents from tailgaters or tracking missiles (though they can still be fairly effective against vehicles on low health; only a minimum of around 7 on the armor statistic will allow you to survive detonation). Each mine takes one jump to get rid of, requiring three successive hops to avoid sustaining any damage. After they are knocked off, they will explode shortly after, dealing no damage to your vehicle.

On the other hand, the land mine will spell instant death for non-brawler or non-hybrid vehicles, though even those barely survive (only if they have top-notch armor). It is very effective at instantly disposing of unsuspecting tailgaters, but also serves the general use of deflecting missiles.

Aside from dodging the mines, each version of the mines can be avoided ahead of time by firing upon them with the grenade launcher, making sure that the grenade's explosion is within sufficient proximity. This is the only real defense against the land mines aside from the shield system.


  • The land mine first appeared in the fifth training session with Keira, and was usable despite a lack of dark eco.
  • Low-damage land mines are also given to you by default during turbo dash events.