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The squid head is an enemy in Jak II. It is a cephalopod metal head, only encountered in the Underport during the mission "Find Sig in Underport".


Squid head concept art

Concept art of the squid head.

The squid head is a cephalopod (squid-like) metal head, with six legs ending in electric tentacles, with an odd base pod with various flaps and metal plating. It has its skull gem embedded between its four small eyes.


The squid head can be considered one of the most dangerous metal heads in combat. Its attack, where it electrifies you with its tentacles, can deal enough damage to cut down a third of your Titan Suit's health meter. Since these are only fought within the suit and underwater, you cannot rely on your normal weapons. While underwater you must also be aware of other squid heads, mines drifting nearby and your oxygen running out.

It's not recommended to fight them, but if you must then find a safe spot and carefully size the distance between you and the target. Once close enough you want to start punching, one straight hit will kill it, beware though since if you fail it will only bring you closer to the squid head and likely giving it the last distance needed to electrocute you.