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The spydroid, sometimes spelled spyroid, also known as the spy bot, is an enemy in Jak II and Jak 3. It was originally part of the Krimzon Guard before its transition into the KG Death Bots where it lost its shock. They are small robots, first introduced when used by Baron Praxis in his Widow mech during the Jak II mission "Defeat Baron in Mar's tomb". They were later seen in the mission "Rescue friends in fortress", and would not appear again until Jak 3. During the War for Haven City, they were used by the KG Death Bots as common units.


The spydroid is a small, quadruped robot painted a crimson red with a single pod for a "head", with two small laser sensors placed above their glowing "eye"-like device. They also have two small antennae. While in passive patrol mode, their sight sensor emits a blue glow, which turns red once they sight a target. The prototype had an electric current constantly running through it which it used as its primary weapon, while the war version lost the shock for unknown reasons. It is possible the electrical current was actually a fault in the original prototypes that was since corrected.


Spydroid from Jak II

The spydroid in Jak II.

The prototype spydroid relies on its electricity to harm its enemies, but otherwise has no special attacks. It may electrocute its target simply by touching it, making it impossible to be destroyed by a melee attack, but rather has to be defeated with a gun. Due to their tendency to appear in large numbers and at close range, the Scatter Gun works as a reliable weapon.

However, the death bot spydroid has only a headbutt attack, making them susceptible to melee attacks. Additionally, they also appear from a further range and in smaller numbers, making them more of a nuisance than a threat.