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The spider is a lurker enemy in The Precursor Legacy only found in Spider Cave. There is both the mother spider and the baby spider.


Spider (lurker) hatchling

A spider hatchling

Spiders are large, thick, black spiders, with a large red dark eco symbol (hazard mark) on their body. They have large yellow eyes, overgrowing skin appendages along their jaw line, and a metal collar. They can quickly spawn eggs which release smaller versions of them. Unlike usual spiders, these lurkers have six legs, opposed to eight, technically making them insects; not spiders.

They typically live in the ceiling walls of the cave, where they drop down hanging on their silk wire, spitting dark eco at their opponents. They create nests in smaller caves, where a multitude of eggs can be found dwelling in the caves environment. The juvenile spiders create holes in the caves walls where they will hide until they sense an intruder.


They can only be attacked by a jump and spin, uppercut, or attacked while channeling yellow eco. Using the spin jump attack would kick them away, making the fight far more difficult, as each time it will be swinging around faster and faster. It takes three attacks in order to defeat the enemy, each attack taking away a pair of its legs. However, the easiest way to take the lurker out is to crouch and perform and uppercut (L1+Square), which will kill them in a single hit.

Sometimes it will lay three eggs during combat. These eggs will hatch into miniature spiders and attack Jak.


  • Once slain, the adult spiders will not respawn, unlike other non-mission objective enemies.