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A spawner,[1] also known as a hive,[2] is a plant-like pod or egg sac that is capable of rapidly spawning eggs from which metal bugs hatch, featured in Daxter. They are large, purple, bulbous-shaped pods rooted into the ground like a plant. They first appear in the fish cannery during the "Collect 40 gems" mission. They were later the main goal during the "Smash the hives" mission in the strip mine, during which Daxter had to smash thirty hives to lure the hive queen into a trap the Miner set.

The smaller hives seen during the mission are not yet fully grown and do not spawn bugs. A spawner can spawn either metal backs or flankers, but not both. The numbers of bugs it can spawn at once is limited to two to four, depending on each hive. If the hive contains any more eggs and any of the surrounding bugs die, then said egg will be released from the hive to spawn a new bug, but otherwise it will not spawn anymore.


Hives are very vulnerable to the spray gun, both the normal poisonous variant and the flamethrower attachment's fire. Harming a hive this way causes a harmless discharge of dark eco, followed by a rapid color pulse of purple to red. After a second or two the hive will explode, dealing damage only to those standing within close proximity of it.

A hive can be harmed with the electric bug swatter or the ultrasonic attachment, but either will take multiple times to destroy a hive properly unlike the standard spray gun. A sign of a damaged hive is the leaking of green gases, which intensifies as more damage is dealt. The young hives will be destroyed with a single hit.