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Spargus turret game

The Spargus turret game

The Spargus turret game is a minigame based on target shooting using the Spargus gun turret, at the west section in Spargus facing the ocean. It was first playable during the Beat turret challenge mission assigned by Kleiver.


Once you've entered the turret you'll have an unlimited amount of shots to hit as many discs as possible. After missing ten discs you'll automatically stop. The discs that appear are red, blue and green. Where red awards the least amount of points, green will award the most. The earlier you hit a disc the higher the reward.

The discs will be fired from an invisible location at the bottom of the sea and they can move from left to right, or right to left, in an arc or simply straight up where after they fall down again. Usually multiple discs will be fired in a row and more valuable discs tend to randomly appear somewhat away from your current position.

The turret auto-aims slightly, but it's recommended to avoid firing randomly as combo's can be build up by hitting multiple discs in a row without missing any shots. Thus it is recommended to avoid spamming the fire button unless you are otherwise bound to miss a disc. Keep in mind that the combo rule only applies to this minigame after completing the mission "Beat turret challenge" - when trying to obtain the bronze, silver, and gold records. When playing the mission itself, the multiplier is not implemented yet.

Precursor orbsEdit

It is possible to earn up to 9 Precursor orbs by reaching set score targets (Bronze, Silver, Gold) - 3 for each target. The orbs will be awarded once the game is over, but note that you can only get the reward for every target once. Getting them all in one go will end with you receiving all 9 orbs.

The targets are as follows;

  • Bronze - 10,000
  • Silver - 20,000
  • Gold - 40,000