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The Spargus Palace is a location in Spargus, featured in Jak 3. It is here where Damas resided on his throne until his death, and where Sig presumably resided after he succeeded his king.[a] It is accessed through an elevator in central Spargus, and presides over a fair portion of Spargus' layout. The placement of the Palace may indicate why central Spargus is covered by a stone ceiling.

The Palace is the tallest structure in Spargus, and can easily be sighted from most places in the Wasteland, useful for wastelanders to know where Spargus is during sandstorms. The interior of the Palace has an exotic oasis-like design, with rocks, lakes, water falls (operated by various mills), some flora, and multiple torches for light. Its frame consists of a stone structure, with Precursor statues and large observatory windows. The Palace is centered around Damas' throne.



  1. In the epilogue of Jak 3, Sig was seen sitting on the throne in the Arena of Death next to the "King's Adviser".

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