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Soldier refers to the basic infantry unit in the Freedom League. They consisted of former guards and Underground members, and would patrol the city streets in squads, protecting the neutral zones and fighting in warzones during the War for Haven City against KG Death Bots and Metal Heads.[1]


Soldiers are compromised of former KG guards and Underground members.[2] They are clad in blue armor instead of crimson or yellow, but still carry rifles, tasers, and now grenade launchers inside the city as well, similar to the former KG guards, except now the grenade launcher and taser double in the same weapon.

The first soldiers were seen in the opening cutscene for Jak 3, in which three of them escorted Veger who banished Jak to the Wasteland. Later on, after Jak's return to Haven City, they were the main military and police force and Jak often fought side-by-side with them in missions such as "Destroy incoming blast bots", "Destroy sniper cannons", "Defend Port from attack" and "Defend HQ from attack". Battles started to increase as the Dark Maker ship drew nearer to the planet and the Industrial Section, New Haven, and bordered areas between the Port and Metal Head city became a constant warzone.



Very similar to the KG guards seen in Jak II, all soldiers have facial tattoos. They wear black clothing under their blue plated armor with a yellow scarf. Their helmet contains a visor with some type of oxygen or communication device in front of their mouth.


Soldiers will patrol the city in squads often engaging in war as they approach active areas of the city. Unlike guards from the previous game, soldiers do not use any vehicles. They carry rifles and tasers, similar to the guard, but also carry grenade launchers in the city (whereas guards did not). If one is hit, the alarm system will not go off, but the attacked soldier (and the soldiers around him if present) will retaliate in a short-winded battle. When making comments to each other, they often say negative things, such as the belief that they lost the war a long time ago or the city has lost, even though the war is still raging around them.


Mostly similar to the KG guards, they utilize the same kind of weapons and attacks. They patrol in squads of up to four men (more or less), and only one of these will be carrying a taser/grenade launcher weapon, while the rest are equipped with rifles. In close range, riflemen will hit you with the butt of their gun, but otherwise they will attempt to hit you from a standing or crouching position until you leave their line of sight.

Unique is the soldier equipped with the taser, if his squad is attacked he will actually never begin using the taser—but instead only uses the grenade launcher until he is hit by an attack. When hit he will then resort to a charge at his enemy in an attempt to electrocute them with the taser.


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