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The smoke screen—and its dark eco variant the shock screen—are defensive racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. Available only in the circuit race event, the smoke screen will expel a thick plume of smoke behind its user's race car, causing no damage of its own yet all but eliminating the vision of those who drive through it. The shock screen is identical, except the smoke is electrified and has a blue tint, delivering timed jolts of damage to opponent racers (as opposed to perpetual damage like the flame slick).

Both weapons deploy smoke for roughly three seconds, meaning the faster your vehicle is going the longer the billow of smoke will be. It takes an additional 3–4 seconds for it to become completely blinding, but will then begin dissipating thirty seconds after the weapon is first activated.

There is no specific strategy for using this weapon, as it will entirely depend on your surroundings and your intentions. It can be used to deflect offensive weapons, but to use it properly, you will have to deploy it in such a way that opponent racers, especially tailgaters, will collide into walls near sharp corners due to their loss of visibility. The shock screen, however, can also be used to damage opponents, once again especially unsuspecting tailgaters.