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Smash the barracks is a mission in The Lost Frontier. After re-entering the old Aeropan barracks to find the barracks warp gate (which is immediately prior completed automatically) Daxter turns into Dark Daxter once more and proceeds to ravage the barracks.


You will have to fight commandos and gladiators as you progress through the facility, though neither of these pose a true threat against Dark Daxter. As usual simply force your way through until you reach the second chamber, which has several battery-powered barriers. Flip the first battery, followed by the second one to the right, do note you will have to flip it again twice and you must use the moment the battery is in the air and the shield is down to move left so you will end up between both barriers, allowing you access to a third battery in the center. Flip this one too and then the second one again from outside its shield to gain access to a third chamber.

In here you must flip another battery, where after you can use frenzy mode to travel around the room, carrying fire from the flamethrowers as you go, to set off the fuel tanks on the other side. Blow up more fuel tanks to destroy blockades that prevent you from using the next passage, in which you must grab and throw one of the commandos on top of a scanner to open the next door. Deactivate another set of barriers in the next room to move deeper into the barracks until you run into two scanners, both of which must be occupied by a commando.

In the next room you must grab and throw a commando and throw him through the barriers and towards your right, where a scanner awaits you. Flip the batteries to deactivate the barriers to let yourself through as well, then throw the commando you threw ahead of you into the scanner to open the next door. The remainder of the mission involves more scanners and blockades that must be destroyed by using frenzy mode while on fire to set off the bombs next to them, until you will reach the exit elevator shortly after.