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The slasher[1][2][3] is an enemy featured in Daxter. It is one of the most powerful metal bugs, barring the hive queens, appearing in several locations. The slasher somewhat resembles a praying mantis with its folded forearms and elongated torso, and is large enough to be confused for a smaller metal head. They have four powerful legs and two frontal appendages that end in sharp blades, much like the mantis. Thick silver armor covers their dark blue body, with elongated helmet-like armor from the front of their face to the top of their thorax. They carry their skull gem on their backs.

They are also the only bug other than the metal klaw to have a physical variant as the game progresses, as the slashers encountered in Haven Palace have visibly more armor, with more pronounced sharp spikes at the edges and corners, as well as the addition of a tail. Despite the extra armor, these slashers are no stronger than previous variants.


Slashers are largely the most durable and sturdiest metal bugs, excluding hive queens, capable of withstanding up to seven hits from the electric bug swatter or up to three powerful finisher moves. Even with the use of the ultrasonic attachment, three blasts are required to down one and similarly the flamethrower attachment needs at least three to four seconds to kill it, enough time for it to strike its target.

Instead of a typical walking movement, slashers rely on a swift hopping gait to quickly close distances, at which point they stop and use their powerful knife-like forearms to strike two times. The moment they attempt to strike is the best time to try to dodge. Each strike is capable of dealing two hit points of damage. Despite their size, they will not charge beyond their boundaries, even if it would otherwise be possible for them.

The standard bug spray is rather effective in stunning it long enough to get several hits in. Though once hit while stunned, it will immediately recover. The swatter deals extra damage during the second and third moves in a combo if Daxter manages to hit enemies with it beyond the initial swing, which is easier to do with the large body of the slasher.