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Shoot down the pirate raiders is a mission in The Lost Frontier. After finding green eco fuel to repair the Hellcat, Jak witnesses a band of Sky Pirate fighters assailing the Aeropan flagship ACS Behemoth, and by the suggestion of Keira goes to defend them. However, they first had to run a quick systems check, after which they intercepted a distress call from the Behemoth's captain, Duke Skyheed.


The mission will start with a few simple flight instructions from Keira, who directs you through specific flight paths as indicated by yellow beams. After learning how to engage the Hellcat's boosters (X) and flying through the corresponding archway, you will receive a distress call from Duke Skyheed requesting help with the pirates. Proceed to shoot the pirates down using the Punisher weapon with L1. The pirates primarily target the Behemoth, though you will sometimes have to evade oncoming fire by the direction of Daxter, who teaches you to use the D-pad for various maneuvers. Focus on continuously hold the fire button down while aiming your reticle at the pirates, as the Punisher has no reload or ammunition limit.