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The shield system refers to a system of defensive racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing, comprising the damage shield and its dark eco variant the deadly shield. When activated, an impenetrable force field will surround your race car, protecting you from even the strongest weapons such as the Stellar Nova or Super Peace Maker (in fact, it is the only weapon capable of protecting you from these weapons).[a] The only thing it cannot protect you from is falling to your death, drowning in water, or trespassing game bounds.

There are only two differences between the damage and deadly shield. The first is that the former only deals some damage to opponents upon contact, whereas the latter will instantly destroy them (thus, while this defense-based weapon is acquired via red eco pick-ups, it can also be utilized as an offense-based weapon in close encounters). The second is the appearance, as the damage shield glows red whereas the deadly shield glows a dark eco purple.

The shield system proves to be the single most useful red eco pick-up defensively. When acquired, be sure to preserve it for outstanding circumstances, such as when you are targeted by the Peace Maker when in first place. However, it is also useful in arena challenges for ramming opponents or pinning up against them, as the damage shield will perpetually deal damage to its target for as long as it is in contact with it. Additionally, the deadly shield is guaranteed to scare off human players in exhibition mode, so if you plan to use it offensively, do so when you are within close proximity of your target.



  1. However, do be aware that it is impossible to detect when you are targeted from the Super or Stellar Novae, and thus defending yourself against it with the shield is completely left up to chance.