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The sewer frog is an enemy in Jak 3. The amphibian creatures were found in the Haven sewers during the missions "Reach Port via sewer" and "Find switch in sewers". They have green skin, stubby pink noses, webbed ears, and are seemingly sociable toward other non-human creatures.


Sewer frog concept art

Concept art.

They attack by hopping toward their target and biting them. Usually there will be a lot of frogs, so you will either have to get to higher ground or attack them. However, with fewer frogs, it is possible to avoid them by roll jumping or using the JET-Board.

Use a wide-ranged weapon like the Scatter Gun or Wave Concussor to take them out. Lone frogs can be easily tackled with using either of your melee attacks.

Enemies from the Jak and Daxter series

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