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The Saucy Pirate[1] (also known as the Pirate Lady,[2] credited as Pirate Female[3]) is a boss-level enemy in The Lost Frontier. A patron at Barter's tavern, she was a pirate who happened to be in possession of a Precursor rune sphere, which Jak needed to help power the eco seeker. Barter stated that she is a "good fighter" but thought Jak could "persuade" her to give it up. After refusing Jak's cash offer, the anonymous pirate female wagered a bet with Jak that if he fought and defeated her he would win the sphere, but if he lost she would receive Daxter as a "fur coat". Jak agreed to the terms, to Daxter's vexation.

A boss fight ensued, though Jak ultimately bested her, winning the sphere. She notably had a commanding influence over the male patrons there, suggesting she was either a regular at the tavern or simply used her influence as a female. She also has super speed powers, possibly related to eco reflexes. Aside from this, she wields a pistol and a sword.


Saucy Pirate concept art

Concept art of the Saucy Pirate.

The Saucy Pirate possesses a strong cockney accent and, as her nickname suggests, a rather cheeky and pert personality. She is very quick and lively on her feet, and quipped in interpersonal conduct.

Donning a purple tricorne, she is clad in typical "pirate" garb. She wears a set of hooped earrings on each ear, a purple choker, and a simple necklace. Her purple jacket possesses folded cuffs and epaulets on either shoulder, and is worn around her low-cut poet blouse knotted together at her midriff. She wears a brown utility belt over a green bandanna around her waist, with purple striped pants and lastly wears brown bucket boots typical of pirate attire.


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